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Opposition criticises US Ambassador’s statements

Patterson had voiced US skepticism over results of “street action”

United States Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson voices US skepticism over results of “street action” (AFP File Photo)
US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson voices US skepticism over results of “street action”
(AFP File Photo)

Protests on 30 June will change the stance of the US administration over the value of “street action,” said founding member of Al-Dostour Party Ahmed Hawary.

Hawary’s statements to Daily News Egypt come in response to US Ambassador Anne Patterson’s remarks in a Tuesday a speech at Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies.

“Some say that street action will produce better results than elections.  To be honest, my government and I are deeply skeptical,” Patterson said.

Hawary added that President Mohamed Morsi had adopted stances in line with US policy to ensure the latter’s support for his government, citing the president’s recent announcement of support for the Free Syrian Army against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

“We will not consider the US stance now; they will undermine any street action. But 30 June will make them give up their support to the Brotherhood,”” Hawary said.

Patterson said that the centre’s chairman, Saad Al-Din Ibrahim, had asked her to discuss the US government’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Our policy remains what it always has been: the government of the United States of America supports Egypt, its people, and its government,” she said.

Patterson added that the US wants Egypt to succeed and enjoy the benefits of a democratic society because the US supports universal rights and freedoms.

“But America’s self-interest as a nation also is a key consideration,” Patterson said, adding that stable democracies that “respect civil liberties and host a vibrant opposition make the best allies.”

Heba Yassin, spokesperson for Al-Tayar Al-Sha’aby, a coalition of socialist opposition parties, stated that her organisation rejected US interference in Egyptian affairs.

“The Brotherhood represents a compliant tool at the hands of the US to serve its interests in the region,” Yassin said.

She added that the opposition was calling for peaceful protests, and noted that they had subjected to violence, torture and arrests by the regime while “the US, which supports freedoms and human rights, didn’t even comment.”

Patterson meanwhile had warned that more violence on the streets would only add to the lists of victims. “I recommend Egyptians get organized.  Join or start a political party that reflects your values and aspirations,” she said. “Progress will be slow and you often will feel frustrated.  But there is no other way.”

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  • Amr Fahmy

    I think Ms Patterson is undertaking a personal fight to defend her vision of an Afghani Egypt, will all due respect to Afghanistan, we’re just different countries, her MB alliance and its marketing to the US administration, is very dear to her, so it seems, I wouldn’t be surprised that she goes so far in the absurd by going against US interests to defend her theory, US interests wether they will like or to will have to align themselves with Egyptians interest in Egypt
    She may think she is the new Lord Cromer but she forgot the world has changed

  • sam enslow

    As an American, I seldom agree with the positions taken by US diplomats. Patterson seems to forget that the revolution was not about stability ( the desire for which is a weakness of US foreign policy). It was about personal freedom, social justice, economic opportunity. It is rather strange to have a revolution where nothing changes or to toss out one dictator in favor of another. However, she is correct not to openly criticise The Brothers or Morsy. Why? Let the US say anything bad about Morsy, and many Egyptians will support him if only because of US foreign fingers. Her remarks could have just been an attempt to try to find away out from what seems a dangerous period on 30 June. The US position on Morsy is best reflected by the fact he has not been invited to the US, and when Obama was last in the Middle East, he did not stop in Cairo. Also, Obama has made no effort to stop Congress from looking into US aid to Egypt in relationship to its human rights failings.
    On who the US supports, please remember that during the revolution, the revolutionaries claimed the US supported Mubarak. Mubarak said at the same time the CIA was pssing out $100 bills in Tahrir and KFC was catering the event. During the election process, common wisdom was the US supported Shafiq. That is until Morsy won then it was the US supported Morsy. If, in the beginning, the US gave words of support to Morsy, so did the Egyptian people. He is the one who failed to live up to his words.
    On Syria. The US needed Morsy as a neutral mediator. His support of Jihadists hurt US goals. Note the US is still trying to figure what it should do in Syria (I hope nothing). It would be best if ALL foreign forces left.

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