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Uganda backs Ethiopia in dam conflict

Ugandan president describes Morsi's statements about Ethiopia as ‘chauvinistic’

Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, describes Morsi's statements about Ethiopia as ‘chauvinistic’ (AFP File Photo)
Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, describes Morsi’s statements about Ethiopia as ‘chauvinistic’
(AFP File Photo)

Ethiopia, alongside other African nations, needs giant hydropower plants such as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) to upgrade its economy, said Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in a national address on Thursday.

The President of Uganda expressed his full support of the GERD, adding that such projects would help preserve the African environment as it would give African countries a sustainable energy alternative.

Museveni’s statements closely followed the Ethiopian parliament’s ratification of the Nile River Cooperative Framework Agreement that aims to challenge Egypt and Sudan’s claims to the majority of the Nile River waters.

The parliamentary ratification comes amid threats by Egyptian politicians against Ethiopia for attempting to replace colonial-era agreements that guarantee Egypt “natural and historic rights” to the Nile waters.

Ethiopian officials have called on Egypt to address the issue through diplomacy and negotiations to create a win-win situation for both countries. However, President Mohamed Morsi warned Ethiopia on Monday that “all options are open” to stop the dam’s construction.

“It is advisable that chauvinistic statements coming out of Egypt are restrained and through the Nile Valley Organisation rational discussions take place,” President Museveni said. “No African wants to hurt Egypt, but Egypt cannot continue to hurt black Africa and the countries of the tropics of Africa.”

The Egyptian presidency release a statement on Tuesday stressing its support of the development of all African nations, especially the Nile Basin countries, in a manner which benefits all parties and does not  harm Egypt’s water interests.

The statement, which cited a phone conversation between Morsi and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon regarding the dam construction among other issues, added that Egypt also respects all signed agreements and positive relations between the country and all African states, especially Ethiopia.

Last month, Ethiopia began diverting the waters of the Blue Nile in its construction of the GERD, a $4.2bn hydro-electric dam that Egyptian analysts claim will diminish Egypt’s water supply.

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  • teferi

    The idea behind is the colonial treaty no place in 21 century not only the matter of backing Ethiopia!!

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  • Sol Man Habib

    Wake-up Egyptians, it is not time of colonial era. “a man who lost his sight in Easter, thinks always about Easter”. you have to know that you don’t have natural and historic right to Nile, it was a tricky of Britain in order to to use your land for their cotton industry, so you don’t have to sing this song in the time of 21 Century. the people and gov’t of Ethiopia don’t want to hurt you, and you have to be thankful for the people who let you to use his priceless resource. please don’t be foolish calling to war, may be you will be live in a regretful time for your life, show respect the people and learn to be thankful.

  • Temesgen

    Great respect for Museveni

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  • abate

    Long life for H.E President Yoweri Museveni . He is reasonable Man. Dr. Dilamini Zuma as well as the two Sundanese. Zuma is a great leader and Two Sudanese are Great countries . Some Egyptian Intellectual Like Elbaradi’s thinking unforgettable. Please the rest of Egyptian poletician be fair for the others as you are only thinking for your self. In the 21st century people believe in dialogue and win win solution. Please some Egyptian politician be men of the century you are living in it. Don’t be in day dreaming.

  • Yonas

    Dear Our Egyptian Colleagues,

    Please bear in mind the following facts:

    1. Ethiopia is the major source of Nile. (more than 80%)

    2. Ethiopia would like to grow and give what the people deserves.

    3. Ethiopia doesn’t care about colonial agreement or colonialists, because it is a country which was never colonized. (Think of our independence pride – we didn’t let anyone to control us and we didn’t do shameful act as colonialists)

    4. Ethiopia fought with Egypt (during Emperor Yohannes IV) two big wars and won both.

    • Dr Gripe

      stop with the freaking propaganda

      • onlythetruth

        Dr Gripe, if everything is fact it can’t be propaganda ,then tell me which one is false claim??

        • Dr Gripe

          BORING .. same old same old

          • tac

            But that’s the truth! Dr…

      • ZakSai

        Eat your heart out Doc,Ethiopians are contemplating about rerouting the tributaries first and then the Mighty river during the dry season from September to June when the river is timid if your buddies in Cairo behave like Colonial Viceroys, which you aint! What then? forget about taking a river cruise, you be lucky to have water to wash your rags, You will just have the river during the Rainy season and that should suffice for your basic needs. Forget your lush golf courses,thousands of swimming pools or water-thirsty commodities like rice and mango. The Ruskis will have to bring their own water soaking in The Sinai. We might even support the wacko Bedewis.

        • Dr Gripe

          WYF,, I live in USA fool.. have since birth. so WTF are you talking about fool! I do not believe we grow ANY mango here .. maybe Florida but not even sure about that.. Rice on the other hand in California ( a speciality rice) ,, and maybe the gulf states like Louisiana Alabama and Mississippi. fool!!

          • Lee

            Why did do you have such a… gripe with Ethiopia? I don’t get it. For someone who has no stake in the situation, what does it matter?

      • Keiven Nolan

        Dr Gripe, your PM (former Irrigation minster) said on CNN that former Ethiopian PM promised him that Nile water will not reduced by a cup… he is trying to emphasize this on CNN…my question is it is even easy for layman let alone former Irrigation minister to know that to fill a dam with water needs billion cubic meter of water not something less than a cup of water…..how come he believes former Ethiopian PM with his promise while building a mega dam…how does he think Ethiopia fill the dam with out Egypt getting a reduced amount of water…shame on this guy…U really need some wise leaders not war mongering fundamentalists…the world is changed

        • Dr Gripe

          I ignored you after the for few words because my country does not have a PM or an irrigation minister whatever the F that is…..

      • Lee

        Propaganda? If you say so.

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  • Dr Gripe

    Dear President Museveni: “Chauvinistic” .. say what.. REALLY?? Make no mistake that Morsi is not only chauvinistic but a misogynist as well… but in regards to the dam he is what?? Chauvinistic in regards to a country : meaning, is an exaggerated, bellicose patriotism and a belligerent belief in national superiority and glory. A president who is to lead his people.. no matter that is is justifiably disposed by ALL but the brotherhood radial Islamist, A president needs to stand up for his country hence your statement is self evident.. yet strangely you make it a horrible thing. and then you talk about black Africa and you get me riled….

    And it is easy to support a dam when your country 1? does not depend on it. 2/ your national security is not threatened by it 3/ you are sadly confused and misinformed … and on and on…

    So Mr President Your country Uganda is on the white Nile and far from important in the overall scope of things. How much water does your country receive and then send down the Nile?? ohh really. that seems so insignificant in all this.. but you are aware that there is a treaty.. OHH yes you did support a new treaty that was not able to get enough votes to over ride the old one.. how unfortunate… You want your own hydro plant. Wonderful!! You have a HUGE lake you share mostly with Tanzania supposedly means you will never want for fresh water.. and then there is the small section you share with Kenya so now Kenya needs more of that water for its people and irrigation and such.. do you mind them taking more.. WHAT?? you do.. why?? Maybe Tanzania has decided to pump its share of the lake into a separate new man made lake as the pollution form your country and Kenya makes it important for them to secure their fresh water supply.. you do not mind do yo?? WHAT you do?? why??

    The purpose of this comment Mr. President is to say you should think before you speak. We have an expression in the USA.. what is good for the goose is good for the gander… what you do to the least of them you should expect all of them to share in the consequences.. and Mr. President there are consequences for the precedent you are setting. Consequences that have dire consequences for all Ugandans.

    People falsely think this is a simple issue… but he you start to play with peoples rights you should be afraid as you are also allowing others to come after yours when the time is right.

    remember this poem and NEVER FORGET:

    “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me—
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    ― Martin Niemöller

    Karma is not a religious thing.. it describes the way of things to come.. what goes around comes around.

    Good luck Mr. President. With the advisers you have who let you get away with comments like that you will need all the help you can get.

    • kuku

      Dr. Gripe; I doubt if Egypt can convince anyone fair thinker on earth when her politician vows not give up a single drop of water from the Nile in the chance that others are the source for all drops.
      Come back to your rational thinking by forgetting all what you get from colonial era. The truth in your mind always win at the end of the day.

      • Dr Gripe


        • Lee

          Dr. Grope, I assumed that is your informed response. Museveni has every right to chime in as much as you do. And you haven’t wasted any effort. If Museveni has no stake in the Nile, then you have even less, living in the United States. Remember, the Nile basin consists of 11 countries, including Uganda.

  • Isreal Nazret

    Gripe ; sharp pains in the bowels,irritate ,annoy.
    I understand your pain as the result of a statement by the Excellency of Ugandan President affirming his country’s position.Truth always heart, and the truth is on Ethiopian side.God bless Ethiopia.

    • Dr Gripe


      • Lee

        How old are you?

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  • sintayehu kagnew

    egypt should give due respect for the 82 million people and the source of the blue nile nation. i advise the egyptian to support how to keep the ecological nature of the highland of ethiopia by planting trees to keep the volume of water. and if mursi said all option are open i.e to say including war, its better to check the history of ethiopia, he will get an answer.

    we shall die in fighting,than starving!!!

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