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Egypt respects other countries’ development desires, provided its Nile water share unharmed: Al-Sisi

Sudanese Irrigation Minister says all options remain open to solve Ethiopian dam…

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Nile Water Supreme Committee discusses flood season, local demand 

Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation records lowest rate of water complaints…

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Egypt rejects any unilateral action violating its Nile water rights: Al-Sisi

Sudan receives Ethiopian invitation to resume GERD talks, both head to UNSC 

Mohammed El-Said Mohammed El-Said

Egyptians can never give up on their Nile water rights: Irrigation Minister

Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs has conducted televised interview over GERD to…

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Sudan denies claims about relinquishing Nile water share to Egypt

Following the Sudanese cabinet meeting, Saleh said on Tuesday that the final…

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Sameh Shoukry heads to Burundi to discuss Nile water

Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry headed to the Burundian capital…

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Decrease in Nile water level normal at this time: Minister of Transportation

The decrease in the Nile water amount and level is normal, and…

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Egypt to contract with GERD consultation office in September

The consultation office is assigned to carry out technical studies on the…

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Ethiopia reasserts that GERD will not impose any negative effects on Egypt

Ethiopia will cooperate with Egypt and Sudan to reduce any potential hazards,…

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Egypt may be ‘wasting time’ in GERD talks with Ethiopia: professor

Al-Sisi and Desalegn met in Rwanda for bilateral talks including the controversial…

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