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Morsi forms committee on dam, meeting mistakenly televised

ElBaradei apologises to Ethiopia for ‘irresponsible utterances’ of political leaders during televised presidential meeting

 handout picture released by the Egyptian presidency on June 3, 2013, shows Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (C top) meeting with political figures to discuss the country's water crisis and Ethiopia's dam project on the Blue Nile. (AFP Photo)
handout picture released by the Egyptian presidency on June 3, 2013, shows Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (C top) meeting with political figures to discuss the country’s water crisis and Ethiopia’s dam project on the Blue Nile.
(AFP Photo)

President Mohamed Morsi ordered the ministers of foreign affairs and irrigation and water resources to continue negotiations with Ethiopia regarding the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The decision came after Morsi met with the cabinet shortly after meeting political figures on Monday. Both meetings recommended more studies and demanding more information about the dam and its possible effects on Egypt and Sudan.

The president also gave orders to form a national committee that includes official, popular and executive authorities to deal with the crisis and inform the public about the results.

“Egypt will not give up its right to Nile water and all alternatives are being considered,” a statement released by the State Information Service read.

The Foreign Affairs and National Security Committee of the Shura Council held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the dam; Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Bahaa Al-Din and Minister of Electricity and Energy Ahmed Imam attended the conference.

“Egypt didn’t approve the construction of the dam at any point,” Bahaa Al-Din said. “We hired an American expert to do a study on the dam and he warned us of the implications.”

Morsi’s meeting with political figures on Monday stirred controversy as some participants seemed unaware the meeting was aired live on national television.

“I’m surprised the presidential meeting regarding the Ethiopian dam was aired live without informing the participants, in spite of the sensitivity of the topic,” said Ghad Al-Thawra Party leader Ayman Nour on Monday.

Pakinam El-Sharkawy, the president’s adviser for political affairs, released a statement on Monday apologising to the participants for not informing them the meeting was televised.

“The meeting was meant to be recorded as usual, but due to the importance of the water security file it was decided shortly before the meeting that it would be aired live. I forgot to mention it to the attendees,” Al-Sharkawy stated.

During the meeting Ayman Nour as well as Al-Wasat Party Chairman Abu Elela Mady suggested military action against Ethiopia; others talked about using actors and sports figures to negotiate while Al-Azhar representative Sheikh Hassan Al-Shafei suggested embarrassing Ethiopia through international pressure.

The statements were widely criticised by Egyptian and Ethiopian social media activists.

“Sincere apologies to the people and governments of Ethiopia and Sudan for the irresponsible utterances at the president’s ‘national dialogue’,” said National Salvation Front (NSF) and Al-Dostour Party leader Mohamed ElBaradei via Twitter on Tuesday.

President Morsi had called for the meeting with political leaders to discuss the findings of a report presented by an international panel of experts on the possible effects of the Renaissance Dam on both Egypt and Sudan.

Some leaders had turned down the invitation such as Mohamed Abul Ghar, chairman of the Egyptian Democratic and Social Party (ESDP), and former presidential candidate and Al-Tayar Al-Sha’aby leader Hamdeen Sabahy.

“Sabahy decided not to attend after consulting party members,” said Heba Yassin, Al-Tayar Al-Sha’aby spokesperson.

She added that the invitation came late and there was no time to prepare for a discussion of such an important matter. “However, we support any serious initiative aiming to solve the crisis.”

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344 responses to “Morsi forms committee on dam, meeting mistakenly televised

  1. Egypt should pass an apology to Ethiopian government and
    people for their shameless discussion inside their palace, Ethiopian are still
    respecting all the people of Egypt

    1. There is nothing new about the meeting if it is close door or broad cast live. As far as Ethiopian concerns Egypt has been in for front to dismantle Ethiopia and sabotage the peace of Ethiopia by supporting and leading all rebel groups who wage wars against their own country for a centuries.Egypt has been and is an incubator for all anti Ethiopian groups from North to South and from East to West, as the result millions lost their lives and millions scatter all over the world,thank God Ethiopia is in a better position than before and ready to die to protect their rights.

  2. I wonder if it were a ‘ mistake’ or one bankrolled by Ethiopia to show case the true picture of Egypt. One can never underestimate the shrewd nature of current day Ethiopian leaders. I wonder if they should aide and abate the Bedewins the same way the Politicos want to assist rebels in Ethiopia. a million or two can bring about a lot of problem anywhere in the World, including Egypt, where more than half live on a dollar or two/ a day.Rumor has it some of the rulers of Ethiopia has amassed ten billion dollars overseas. So, most Ethiopians might be poor, but some have become rich beyond any Egyptian imagination and are able to reciprocate tit for tat.

  3. a am Ethipian, Every thing Televised shows that how narrow minded the parliament members are, i don’t think the whole country’s people are like them,

  4. So we heard all you said,all I can say is you people are shameless,greedy and bunch of retards, I am not surprised you are the leaders of that country?.All you know is sabotage and aggression,well agressive nature is in your blood because you are who you are,though you never succeed with it.You say your Allah’s name many times but you think and work like a retard and a devil.You should pay for the sabotage and distabilizing work you have been doing on downstream African countries.How you pay? ….now all the donstream countries have gained their power and start to use the water one way or another,…then I wish you will recieve few drop to wash off your shamless faces and ***. You don’t deserve respect ,you and us(Ethiopians and other africans) are on two different moral levels and we can never and ever be as you said ‘nile family ‘ or ‘nile broothers’.You know the reason why.

    Ok nile is your life but it was not created for you only, unless you want shamelessly believe that and make your people believe the same too .Don’t you ever know a concept called ‘negotiations’ ? All you talk is about your historical ‘colonial’ agreement ,if you have the mind to think the colonizer who made that was you colonizer we don’t have much care for that.Ethiopians who are the source of 85% of the nile you recieve never said or think it was our only river but it was never been difficult for Egyptians to think so.How damb are you??????

    Sooner or later you will swallow the hard truth about that nile water came to you is not by God’s mercy or gift but because the downstream countries do not have the capability to develope and use it and Egypt have been busy convincing international funding organizations so those downstream poor african countries won’t get loan for their projects but now….oh now ? you should be afraid all countries have the power to defend themselves and to make development plans on THE NILE,with out international loan…..Egypts worest nightmare,right? I wish you will never wake up from it.

    Ok you have been taking about attacking Ethiopian dam and distabilizing the country and so on that your little mind can came up with but how many projects are Egypt going to attack and sabotage and how many countries to distabilize,cause other countries will start to use nile water too.You didn’t think of that right?

    As far as my knowledge Ethiopians do not use the nile based on hate or to hurt anyone.We use it cause we need it now but Egypt with their hate preachers and narrow minded extrimists will not go any further.You should be thank full to your God and the downstream countries for not using the nile water till now and……. start to think like human and look for your alternative means of survival for the future.

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  6. I am really wondering how the historically proud people are being lead by such Skimpy politicians like Morsi . He and his affiliate are incompetent to lead their family leave alone the people of Egypt and play around the international political fields. Whether deliberately televised or mistakenly that simply disclose who they are. Nothing secret disclosed that we know has been the real practice of the old minded political leaders of egypt towards Ethiopia , no much no less.

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