Coptic Christians reject quota

Hend Kortam
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Leading Coptic figures have signed a statement rejecting the idea of a parliamentary quota for Coptic Christians, citing sectarian fears.

The statement was signed by dozens of Coptic representatives including Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour and George Ishak, state-run Al-Ahram reported.

A quota for Copts was suggested by Naguib Gabriel, Head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights. Gabriel suggested the idea to some members of the Shura Council. The idea was discussed in the legislature and refused.

Gabriel said Christians are facing an exclusionary atmosphere which is why they need “positive discrimination.” He believes that if the quota is not applied, very few Coptic Christians will manage to win seats in parliament.

The statement rejecting the quota acknowledges that some of the Christians who contested seats in parliament have faced a sectarian atmosphere and that they are among the least represented groups in parliament. However, they described the quota as departure from the historic national Coptic path.

The signatories announced that they are not ignoring the problem. On the contrary, they want to retain Egypt’s religious and cultural diversity which should guarantee equal rights for all Egyptians including representation in legislatures.

“We will refuse dividing the nation on a religious basis through all legal purposes,” the statement said.


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