Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate rallies for Gaza

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CAIRO: Approximately 50 journalists from the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate chanted slogans of solidarity with Gaza on the syndicate steps Saturday, supporting Egypt’s position on the opening of Rafah’s border.

Security forces surrounded the Downtown area with almost eight police cars.

Banners were placed around the syndicate bearing slogans supporting the Palestinian cause, including “Stop Israel’s crimes in Gaza, “Thank you Egypt for cutting the hunger crisis of Gaza, “We will share bread with the Palestinians and “Egyptian journalists are asking Hamas to stop the division in Gaza and ask Mazen for Palestinian unity.

Head of the organization s Freedoms Committee Mohamed Abdel Qoddous led the protest accompanied by other journalists chanting “Condemn the blockade, the Zionists and the Americans, and “Thos who participate in this blockade are imperialists.

Journalists from Shabab Masr magazine, including its editor-in-chief Ahmed Abd El Hady, strongly condemned the blockade.

Chairman of the syndicate Makram Mohamed Ahmed thanked all participants and urged everyone to take an objective stand for the Palestinian cause.

He added that the cause was a collective one and criticized “Arab silence.

Abdel Qoddous strongly condemned Israel and alluded to an ancient battle against the Jewish people in the town of Khaibar.

Mohamed Salmawy, writer and editor-in-chief of Al Ahram Hebdo, supported journalists and thanked Egypt for resisting pressure.

“We must help Palestinians and provide them with supplies, he said.

The protest ended peacefully after lasting about half an hour.

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