Press lashes out at Israel, Arab regimes, and U.S.

Pakinam Amer
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Newspapers publish pictures of dead children from Qana on front pages.

CAIRO: The aftermath of what the press has labeled “The 2006 Qana Massacre is topping local headlines. With the incident igniting flames of anger and provoking reactions across Egypt, opposition newspapers are in turn lashing out at Israeli, American and Arab leadership.

History seems to be repeating itself, according to the newspapers, in the tragedy of the village of Qana, previously attacked in 1996, where an Israeli raid on Sunday left more than 50 civilians dead, including dozens of children. Pictures of dead girls pulled out from under the rubble or carried away on stretchers fill the front pages.

Agence-France Presse (AFP) reports on Egypt’s press, saying that the deadly air strike on Qana has turned the tide completely against Israel, with the press lashing out against the Jewish country and publishing “gruesome pictures of dead children. The country’s dailies, according to AFP, charged that the butcher Ariel Sharon has found a worthy heir in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, carrying blood-red headlines reading Massacre in Qana, Carnage in Lebanon, Children murdered.

The Israeli butchers have added a new line to their bloody record. This dark chapter resembles the one that took place ten years ago. The place is the same… the butchers are the same and the victims again are innocent children and women, Al-Ahram wrote, according to AFP, referring to the 1996 Israeli operation against Lebanon that left 105 people dead in Qana.

Ehud Olmert is kicking off his career with a massacre that makes him a criminal of the same category as Begin, Shamir and Sharon, Al-Ahram editorialist Mohammed Ali Ibrahim was quoted as saying.

According to the independent Al-Masry Al-Youm, National Democratic Party (NDP) members were not present during the protest; an incident “that proves that the ruling power does not represent the people, opposition leader and upper house member Mustafa Bakri was quoted as saying.

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