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Women’s rights activists say silence of sexual assault victims remains main challenge

Why sexually assaulted women take so long to speak out?

Nehal Samir Nehal Samir

Egypt condoles India for floods’ victims

At least 35 people died in rain-related incidents

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

The Son speaks for victims of divorce

Marriage is no longer seen in the public awareness programmes and the…

Marwa El- Shinawy Marwa El- Shinawy

Egypt offers condolences for victims of South Asia’s floods

FM condemned Kismayo’s terrorist attack in Somalia which killed more than 26…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Why female victims of sexual harassment are often shamed?

What is more confusing is to see women justifying male harasser’s behaviour…

Nehal Samir Nehal Samir

A visit to the Egyptian heroes, victims of terrorism

I tried hard to evade a commitment that I consider a national…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

New victim of police brutality found dead after arrest

The victim’s family has accused police of torturing him to death, while…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef