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NGOs and movements condemn violations faced by refugees from Syria

Joint statement released highlighting arrests, detentions, and deportation of refugees in Egypt

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Alexandria residents join calls to remove culture minister

Alexandria intellectuals and residents plan rally in support of Cairo demonstrators

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Essam Sultan investigation commences

Al-Wasat Party vice-president under investigation for insulting judges

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‘Black Bloc solidarity’ protesters released

Acquitted during their first appeal session, detainees were originally sentenced to five…

Rana Muhammad Taha Rana Muhammad Taha

ANHRI denounces harsh sentences against protesters

Six protesters were arrested while showing solidarity with detainees and were sentenced…

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Freedom Bus touring for solidarity with Palestine

Pro-Palestine solidarity activists launch freedom bus to tour West Bank

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Protest in solidarity with released student

Protest held in solidarity with high school student denied place at school…

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Palestinians show solidarity with fasting prisoners

Palestinians protesting in solidarity with four detainees

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