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Siemens to start operation tests of Borollos power plant Tuesday

German company Siemens is set to start the trial operations of Borollos power plant on Tuesday. A source at the Ministry of Electricity said that the ministry will provide Siemens with the electric capacity to run and test the plant by connecting it with Abu Qir power plant at a capacity of 500 KV to …

Mohamed Farag

Siemens to launch SICEMENT Electrification system to support cement industry

Siemens will launch the SICEMENT Electrification system tailored to provide the energy requirements of industrial cement plants and achieve mechanisation in manufacturing operations. The new system is scheduled to be launched on 18 August during the “Bringing Power to Cement Industry” forum in Cairo. Egypt is one of the major cement producing and consuming countries …

Daily News Egypt


In pictures: Siemens presents its first inventions to journalists

  Daily News Egypt toured the Siemens Perlach site in Munich to take a look at the inventions created over 160 years ago. The tour took over an hour at the Siemens research centre. The inventions developed by Siemens include telephones, telegraphs, computers, trains, trailers and the first electric car. Siemens invited journalists from Europe …

Shaimaa Al-Aees