Egyptian political parties denounce rhetoric of Turkish officials

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A number of Egyptian political parties have denounced the rhetoric of President Recep Tayeb Erdogan describing it as a violation of diplomatic protocols.

Erdogan has held the Egyptian state responsible for the death of former President Mohamed Morsi last Monday.

Morsi died while appearing in court accused of espionage charges and he was already facing decades in jail after being convicted in previous trials on separate charges.

His former party, the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – a close ally of Morsi’s – are among those who have blamed the Egyptian leadership for his death.

However, in a statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Ahmed Hafez, “condemned” the suggestion, insisting it was “a case of natural death.”

The Nation’s Future party condemned Erdogan’s statements accusing him of trying to direct the international community’s attention toward Egypt instead of focusing on his country’s problems.

Similarly, Al-Wafd party said that statements by the Turkish President will not “make the Egyptian people doubt their state or their government.”

Moreover, the Free Egyptians party has called upon Egyptians to boycott Turkish products.


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