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Police raid village in Sharqeya, several arrested

Sharqeya raid targeted hometown of former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi

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Morsi’s defense team appeals verdict in ‘Qatar espionage’ case

The appeal aims to cancel the death and prison sentences issued against

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The Coptic Church’s Faustian bargain

It didn’t take long for the regime to crack down on Islamist

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Appeal sessions in Hamas espionage case to start 25 October

Defence team argues lack of evidence, demands suspension of sentences

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Morsi, Brotherhood leaders to be retried in Itihadiya Palace case on 8 October

The defendants received an earlier verdict that ranged from 10 to 20

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Turkey and Egypt: a new opening for rapprochement?

Lack of economic incentive for Egypt will continue to inhibit chances for

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The memory of 30 June uprising through people’s eyes  

Three years later, with all of the political turmoil, economic changes, the

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Egypt condemns Qatari foreign ministry statement on Morsi’s verdict

Such a statement is not surprising coming from those who use their

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Morsi sentenced to life in ‘Qatar espionage’ case

Sentence comes one day after the former president was supposed to complete

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Rights groups band together to defend freedom of expression

The Voices Behind Bars campaign aims to bring justice to the wrongfully

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