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Egyptian, Somali migrants arrive in Italy

ROME: A fishing boat carrying 166 Egyptian and five Somali migrants arrived overnight in the southern Italian port of Bari, the Italian coast guard said Saturday. The boat, some 30 meters (100 feet) long and flying a Maltese flag, was spotted a few kilometers offshore and accompanied to port by four Italian vessels. All the …


Europe probes migrant deaths in Mediterranean

STRASBOURG: The Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly on Thursday said it has opened an investigation into the cases of 1,000 migrants who went missing in the Mediterranean while fleeing unrest in North Africa. The Strasbourg-based body said it will issue a report in October to establish responsibility in the deaths of around 1,000 migrants who …


EU marine patrol intercepts migrants off Crete

ATHENS: An EU marine patrol on Saturday intercepted around 100 migrants near the Greek island of Crete as they attempted to sail from Egypt to Italy, the Greek coastguard said. "A distress signal was initially sent to the Italian authorities in Rome," a coastguard spokeswoman told AFP. "There was an initial search near Malta until …


320 boat refugees rescued off Malta

VALLETTA: Some 320 boat migrants, including 12 children, were rescued off the coast of Malta by the tiny Mediterranean island’s navy on Thursday when they ran into trouble, a spokesman told AFP. The migrants, who are believed to be refugees from Bangladesh, Libya, Egypt and Mali, had sent a distress call when the engine of …


At least 60 Egyptian migrants intercepted in Sicily

ROME: At least 60 Egyptian migrants were intercepted Tuesday on the Italian island of Sicily, the ANSA news agency reported, as the country deals with a wave of migrants from Tunisia. Thirty-two of the migrants were found while trying to disembark from a ship and 31 were found on land, the agency reported. In Geneva, …


Immigrants in Italy end 2-week protest atop crane

ROME: Four immigrants who have lived atop a 35-meter (115-foot) crane for two weeks to protest Italy’s immigration policies have climbed down. The men climbed atop the crane in Brescia on Oct. 31 to demand residence permits. The ANSA and Apcom news agencies say they came down during a torrential rainfall Monday night after negotiations …


Five immigrants stage crane protest in Italy

BRESCIA: Five immigrants have blockaded themselves on top of a crane for the past 12 days in the Italian city of Brescia in a desperate protest that has attracted national attention. The men — from Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Senegal — have voiced their anger at a system for obtaining residency permits that is forcing …


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