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Household sector accounts for 82.92% of Egypt’s bank deposits in October

Total bank deposits amount to EGP 3.477trn, of which EGP 3.027tn in

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Household sector’s trend towards deposits of three-year term or more ongoing since 2018

Weighted return on new deposits declines in September 2019 to 11.5%, 16%

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Household sector accounts for 80.4% of total bank deposits

It accounts for 83.6% of total deposits in local currency, 68.7% in

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Household sector accounts for 78.8% of total bank deposits by end of August 2018: CBE

Deposits growth rate at 18.79%, local currency deposits at 22%, foreign currencies

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Electricity Ministry aims to save EGP 4.1bn in household consumption in FY 2018/2019

10% increase in electricity prices will reduce demand by 1.5%

Mohamed Farag Mohamed Farag

Household appliances division demands from trade minister to solve issue of delayed factories registration

There should be no conflict between the rationalisation of resources and the

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FilKhedma negotiates to attracts investments of around EGP 15m

We are serving 6,000 clients, and we aim to reach 12,000 by

Nasrin Ramses Nasrin Ramses

Household sector accounts for 75% of deposits at banks in December

It is very normal that individuals' share in deposits is higher than

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir