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Syria talks stalemate brings threat of worsening war: analysts

The timing of Idriss’s replacement by another senior military commander is significant,…

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Nine dead in Damascus car bomb amid rebel push

Many people were seriously wounded in the car-bomb attack in a northern…

Rana Allam Rana Allam

Syria troops press assault on town near Damascus

The outskirts of Damascus have been at the heart of fighting this…

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Jihadists eclipsing other rebels in Syria’s Aleppo

Islamist militants are known not only for their discretion, but also for…

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Army shells Damascus suburbs

Overall, more than 41,000 people have died since the eruption of the…

Rana Allam Rana Allam

Islamists reject Syria opposition bloc as clashes rage

Clashes erupted after a Kurdish demonstration demanding that all rebels not from…

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Syrian outsiders bogged down in battle for Aleppo

Air strikes and shelling have destroyed families, devastated homes and ruined businesses.…

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Syrian troops kill Egyptian?

Syrian regime claims Egyptian "terrorists" infiltrating Syria

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Syrian clashes near Jordanian border

Fighting in Syria approaches borders again

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