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Ein Khudra, the hidden Diamond of Desert

Legend has it that the oasis has a huge treasure trove of…

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

Egypt’s land is 95% desert, country depends by 95% on Nile waters, says Abdel Aty

Ethiopia soon to complete construction of largest hydroelectric dam in Africa, GERD

Mohammed El-Said Mohammed El-Said

Libya still attracting Egyptian illegal immigrants despite deadly gamble

Recent discovery of dead bodies of immigrants in Libyan deserts piles up…

Farah Bahgat Farah Bahgat

Building a wall to keep the desert out

A plan for an ambitious 'green wall' of trees stretching across 11…

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The 41,000 pillars of the New Suez Canal

Thousands of workers lived in desert conditions for months, with little reward…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Government to oblige desert land reclaimers to take part in utilities’ cost

GARPAD gives one month to violators that changed activity from agricultural to…

Mohamed Ayyad Mohamed Ayyad

Al-Sisi decree establishes ‘forbidden’ areas along Egypt’s borders

Law intended to stabilise "sensitive regions, where people could have hostile intentions",…

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Catherine Exists: Recognising the ‘unknown’ spots of Saint Catherine

A photographer raises money through her photos to help develop the community…

Marwa Morgan Marwa Morgan

Government adopts national project to develop desert villages

Project aims at reconstructing villages surrounded by desert to make them more…

Doaa Farid Doaa Farid

Dune Raider Rush hosts first sandboarding competition in Egypt

Once you get used to the desert, sandboarding is accessible, fun and…

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