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‎Egypt mulls establishing first blood bag manufacturing plant 

Project is implemented through public-private sector partnership, aims to meet local needs

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Shifting eating, sleeping times alter key blood proteins: study

Even one night shift could disturb proteins involved in metabolism, immunity

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Severe trauma patients with blood type O in higher risk of death

Recent studies suggest blood type O can be potential risk factor for

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Istanbul gathers to donate blood to wounded after terrorist attack

People in Istanbul are becoming accustomed to terrorist attacks, but finding a

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CIB Foundation leads blood donation campaigns to Egyptian public hospitals

Blood donation campaigns were held over two weeks in some of the

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Blood donation should be major concern in current Arab turmoil: Arab League Deputy Sec-Gen

On the 12th World Blood Donation Day, Egypt’s supply for blood bags

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Hopes and fears: Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

By Sanam Naraghi Anderlini   Ahead of tomorrow's Global Summit to End Sexual

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Culling youth

Egypt haemorrhages. Stretcher-bearers bus bodies, fallen replaced. Helicopters swoop and hover. Tormented

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Ethiopia ‘frustrated’ by Egyptian statements on GERD

Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticises Egypt's ‘provocative’ statements in a conference

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Morsi’s speech on dam ‘unjustified escalation’

Politicians react to president’s speech at Popular Conference on Egypt's rights to

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