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Press Syndicate is not politicised but cannot ignore national issues: Amr Badr

‘I am personally committed to defending journalists, whether they are members of

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Inside the cell: Amr Badr


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Trial of Press Syndicate leaders postponed to 29 October

The case was postponed to hear the argument from the defence team,

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Prosecution releases Malek Adly after urgent investigation session

Another investigation session was scheduled for journalist Amr Badr, but it was

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Activist Haitham Mohamedein’s appeal rejected, detention renewed for journalist Mahmoud Al-Saqa

Human rights lawyer Malek Adly and journalist Amr Badr, who were released

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Court releases press advocate Amr Badr on bail

Badr was arrested along with journalist Al-Saqa when security forces stormed the

Toqa Ezzidin Toqa Ezzidin

Adly, Badr, and Al-Saqa finally allowed time out of prison cells

Journalists Amr Badr and Mahmoud Al-Saqa received detention renewals on Tuesday

Toqa Ezzidin Toqa Ezzidin

Detention renewed for journalists Amr Badr and Mahmoud Al-Saqa

This was their third detention renewal session since the duo were arrested

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Appeal to release Adly, Badr, Al-Saqa, and others rejected

No evidence in the case, says defence lawyer

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