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The 2014 Egyptian Constitution: Without accountability, checks or balances: Part II

The following is the second of a two part article by the Arab Reform Initiative, an independent research network, concerning the 2014 constitution’s treatment of human rights and the separation of powers in the government. The first part, published yesterday, addressed the constitution’s articles concerning the military and security apparatus. The second part, below, deals …

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Aleppo’s tears

By Dr Cesar Chelala “Aleppo was a large and terrifying town,” wrote the American writer Frederic Prokosch in his famed novel “The Asiatics”.  This has been never truer than now, as I read about the barrel bomb attacks that have killed dozens of civilians just in a few days. I look at an October 2013 photograph of a …

Daily News Egypt

Unemployment protest

Egypt Year in Review 2013

The year was coloured by unrest, with widespread protests against President Mohammed Morsi followed by his removal and the installation of a new interim government, which subsequently saw additional demonstrations.

Daily News Egypt

In a series of photos taken on 27 January 2011, demonstrators in the port city of Alexandria dismantle the image Hosni Mubarak (AFP Photo)

Egypt: Three years of unrest

AFP – Key developments in Egypt since the 2011 revolt that led to the overthrow of former president Hosni Mubarak after 30 years in power: — 2011 — – 25 January: Massive protests erupt, after a revolt topples Tunisia’s ruler. About 850 people die in unrest over 18 days.   – 11 February: Mubarak resigns …

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Lifestyle: Year in review

The Lifestyle pages in 2013 were filled with stories about health, fashion, jewellery, food, wellness and green initiatives, to name but a few. We went to new restaurants to try out the food, investigated hosting a colony of bees on our roof, found out what roller derby is and shared an abundance of tasty recipes with you. Here is a sample of our favourites of 2013.

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Art&Culture: A year in review

The Art&Culture scene went through a few difficult phases in 2013 but managed to survive and even flourish. Music, contemporary dance, photography, festivals and exhibitions, regardless, despite or because of the restrictions the political climate and reality imposed, artists everywhere used their talent to chronicle the times we lived in.

While society was divided along stricter lines in the past year, artists in Egypt found inspiration in the differences and the diversity in their work made for a year filled with art that moved, surprised and made us think. Here are some of our highlights of 2013.

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Egypt 2013 in numbers

52%: Voter turnout in the second round of Egypt’s presidential elections 2012, compared to 46.4% in the first round. Source: The Official Website of the Presidential Elections Committee 2012.   6%: Percentage of the villages in Egypt which have sanitation systems. Source: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)   43%: Percentage of Egyptian females who …

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Setting the records straight

The year 2013 has not been kind to Egyptians or history books. Twisting facts has become the mantra highlighting this year in Egypt. Between the voices of Hosni Mubarak supporters getting louder and pro-Morsi team chanting “legitimacy”, accusations of 30 June protesters of being “army lovers” while others prodding Al-Sisi to run for presidency, the …

Sara Abou Bakr

Managing editor Rana Allam

Will you vote this year?

This will be the third year in a row that Egyptians will vote on a constitution. Yet another referendum with yet another Yes campaign. Vote Yes for stability , they said in 2011. Vote Yes for Islam, they said in 2012. Vote Yes for your country, they are saying in 2013. Never are there campaigns …

Rana Allam

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2013 Winner and Losers

With the year winding down, it’s time to count this year’s winners and losers. Winners: 1)      The Nour Party: Hands down 2013’s biggest winner is the Salafi Nour Party. It played its hand perfectly after 30 June, recognising its symbolic importance to the 3 July coalition on both national and international levels. The party managed …

Mahmoud Salem

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Waiting in the Queue…

We’ve been fighting for fifty years the same war, we can’t forget And the country is like a waiting room, And the queue reaches the airport “From the Queue”, By Mashrou’ Leila ……….. A picture of a wedding, where the bridesmaids are all wearing army fatigues, appears on your timeline. Another picture of a different …

Mahmoud Salem

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Squandered Opportunities

Over the past 3 years, there may have been numerous instances when Egypt has taken the wrong turn. Some of those wasted chances are indeed lamentable. The bitter irony is that 32 months following 25 Jan, there isn’t a single concrete aspect in Egypt that justifies the soaring death tolls, the economic stalemate, the degradation …

Mohamed Fouad

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Egypt 2013: What can you tell?

By Fadi Elhusseini Genuine democracy requires practice and partnership, and cannot be realised aloof from people. Mobilising crowds to replace the ballot box is very dangerous as the lust for power and authority can be cast in popular demands, and gain proforma legitimacy. In order to put forward a truthful analysis, one should call a …

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