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Foul play ruled out of nuclear scientist’s death

The body of nuclear scientist and former Cairo University lecturer Dr Wadie Wahba Girguis was found near the metro station in the Al-Wayli district of Cairo. Girguis had been missing from his home for five days before he was found. The Al-Wayli district prosecutor Moustafa Taya ruled out foul play in the scientist’s death and …

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El Fishawy: Older than the USA

Knickknacks that were once trendy and are now beautifully antiquated artefacts, are littered around the haphazardly-arranged rooms, and yellowed newspaper clippings document El Fishawy’s meteoric rise to superstardom.

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What your shisha says about you

In an attempt to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon, we have decided to take a look not at the stereotypical places and flavours, but rather at the smokers themselves.

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Mojo’s: The Oasis of Normalcy

Sometimes you want to feel like you are in regular old Cairo again. When the mid-Ramadan queasiness hits, wait until the Iftar din has subsided and head over to Mojo’s Lounge on the Imperial Boat in Zamalek.

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Fake fawanees: the rise of the abominations

Walking down any busy commercial street in Cairo during Ramadan, Egyptian culture is plainly apparent. Finely wrought brass lanterns of all sizes are lined up. Some are electric – the prevalent type. Some are old-fashioned candle lanterns, somewhat more rare. Blue, green, and red all come together to produce a variety of oriental and modern …

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Mesaharaty: the human cockerel

This staple of Egyptian culture – for those who do not know – is a lonely soul who walks the shadowed streets just before dawn with a drum, chanting traditional mesaharaty songs to draw us out of our slumber for Sohour, the final meal before the Ramadan fast of the day begins.

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