President Al-Sisi recommends advanced agricultural systems for optimal water utilisation

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During the launch of the “Egypt’s Future for Sustainable Development” project’s initial harvest phase, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi remarked on the substantial national investment in agricultural advancement, citing initiatives like Toshka, the Delta, the New Delta, and East Owainat. He underscored the necessity of refining irrigation and agricultural systems to maximize water efficiency.

Al-Sisi, addressing the audience on Monday, said: “Our investments are considerable. Unlike other nations that rely on rainwater, which reduces their production costs, we face different circumstances. Are there alternatives available to us?”

On the topic of the country’s road infrastructure, Al-Sisi pointed out that the expansion of the Dabaa and Wadi El Natroun-Alamein roads met with some public resistance. He clarified: “The perception is that these roads lead to the coast, but their purpose is to support the significant production expected from this region, necessitating a comprehensive road network.”

Discussing crop storage, Al-Sisi highlighted the substantial losses, ranging from 20% to 25%, caused by birds and rodents. He advocated for the construction of silos to preserve grains and reduce waste.

In response to Egyptian Minister of Irrigation Hani Sweilem’s remarks at the inauguration, Al-Sisi expressed the lack of alternatives to the state’s water lifting stations and related projects, stating: “Without these initiatives, our country would face serious deterioration. The high expenditure is a necessity for the nation’s survival.”

Al-Sisi reiterated the critical role of evolving irrigation and agricultural systems, including seed development. He praised the private sector’s involvement in development projects, remarking on its importance and the attention to performance efficiency in their management.

Addressing another matter, Al-Sisi mentioned Egypt’s population of 106 million, along with nearly 9 million immigrants and refugees. He referred to Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly’s statement about the $10bn financial impact, prompting discussions on its validity.

Al-Sisi elaborated: “Providing the minimum water supply of 500 meters daily to 9 million individuals results in an annual total of 4.5 billion metres. Sourcing this from desalination or treatment plants incurs significant costs.”

Finally, the president addressed criticism over the funds allocated for renovating Ahl Al-Bayt mosques, including Sayyida Zainab and Al-Hussein mosques. Al-Sisi rejected these critiques, asserting: “Just as individuals seek quality in their homes, the same standard should apply when constructing a house of worship. What else can be said about such endeavours?”

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