EEHC completes production unit maintenance before increased summer consumption

Mohamed Farag
2 Min Read

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) has completed maintenance and overhaul programmes for its electricity production units before loads increase in the summer season.

An EEHC official said that local and foreign companies have implemented maintenance programmes for all electricity production units, including Siemens, Mitsubishi, and General Electric. There have been no reported problems at the units, all of which are ready for full capacity operation at any time.

EEHC Chairperson Gaber El-Dessouky followed up extensively with company heads on the network performance. The follow-ups aimed to identify obstacles and problems that may appear during the summer months, when temperatures are high, to ensure that all capabilities are provided for to overcome them.

El-Dessouky said that the electricity sector has a central emergency operation room supported by 17 subsidiary rooms with each of the companies producing, transporting and distributing electricity. This is in addition to the national centre for controlling the national network when dealing with crises.

Minister of Electricity and Energy Mohamed Shaker also held several meetings with local and international companies implementing electric projects and sector leaders via video conference. During the meeting, Shaker followed up on progress of the currently under implementation projects to ensure worker safety and maintain project schedules in preparation for the coming summer.

He instructed for operations rooms to be created at all companies to supervise network management. These are to be led by the company heads themselves or their representatives working around the clock to receive citizen complaints.

Shaker pointed to the success of energy sector workers in creating optimal operation and the highest efficiency rates for all national network components, especially at generating stations and transformers.

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