Sustainable Economic Forum concludes inaugural edition in Algeria, fostering global Industry collaboration

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The Sustainable Economic Forum (SEF) successfully concluded its first edition in Algeria earlier this month, drawing over 1,200 visitors and featuring global participation from leading industry experts. 

Conceived by Mohamed Skander, the forum was founded on the belief that collective action is essential to achieving sustainable development goals through realistic strategies and strong industry support.

The two-day event brought together representatives from over 17 countries, including key players and organizations from China, Italy, Tunisia, South Africa, France, and Egypt, among other MENA emerging economies. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the forefront of national agendas for the upcoming year, SEF was launched to facilitate dialogue, solutions, and agreements between key stakeholders and governmental entities.

The forum featured a diverse range of speakers, including Professor Nazim Sini, Moufdi Chikh from Total Energies, Farouk Benabdoun from Siemens Energy, and Malik Faroun from the OPEC Fund, among other industry leaders. Event partners included prominent names such as CREA, AHK Algerie, BNP Paribas, Huawei, and various state ministries, including the Ministry of Industry and Economy.

Supported by the main Algerian Business Association (CREA), the forum facilitated various dialogues, conversations, and partnerships. Key topics that were highlighted included circular economy solutions, the potential of smart cities as a future reality, renewable energy sources, responsible tourism, and the conservation and management of essential resources such as water and fossil fuels, as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Mohamed Skander commented, “Part of our responsibility to this world is to foster dialogue between institutions that can make a positive difference, improving the quality of life for current and future generations. All industries play a role, big or small, in contributing to environmental betterment and implementing impactful changes that benefit all.”

To conclude, SEF is working on a comprehensive report to share with stakeholders and relevant media. One of their key global recommendations is to invest heavily in the renewable green hydrogen sector, a pact that aligns with Saudi Arabia’s recent announcement of launching hydrogen train tests. 

Emerging countries that can meet these conditions will be well-positioned for decarbonized production, as we transition to renewable energy sources and implement less invasive methods that minimize environmental and climate impact.

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