MIDAR: Developing local cities with global vision

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 MIDAR for Investment and Urban Development is a distinguished innovative company that applies the concept of mastering cities in its comprehensive sense. With its Mostakbal City development, MIDAR is one of the largest and most specialized urban development companies in the field of developing modern residential and entertainment cities.

A clear and integrated strategy 

MIDAR’s strategy is based on clear and integrated foundation that follow international sustainability standards. This enhances investment opportunities and adds value to all its projects, in a way that supports the comprehensive development plan of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and achieves the necessary integration with the development of the New Administrative Capital in this vital area along New Cairo and beyond.

Unprecedented urban models

MIDAR aims to provide unprecedented urban models by applying the standards of city developers in its comprehensive sense in the Egyptian market. This includes strategic location, future designs, and the latest findings of the world in the field of establishing smart infrastructure for major cities and their operating and maintenance systems. It also includes everything else that can contribute to attracting Egyptian, Arab, and foreign investors.

MIDAR: Developing local cities with global vision

Shareholder structure

The successive successes of MIDAR are not a mere coincidence or in line with the great urban growth that Egypt has witnessed in the recent period, but they are the result of the planning, strengthening, and consolidation of its board of directors and shareholder structure. MIDAR’s shareholder structure includes an elite group of the largest Egyptian financial and real estate entities, namely Banque Misr, National Investment Bank, National Bank of Egypt, and Misr Capital, one of the investment arms of Banque Misr. It also includes The Arab Contractors. 

MIDAR was born big

MIDAR has been a huge entity since its inception in 2006, not only with its distinguished shareholder structure but also with its ownership of 11,000 feddans in one of the most important areas in Egypt. It is well-placed in the natural extension of New Cairo and near the New Administrative Capital. Mostakbal City is being developed on an area of 5,200 feddans, following the highest international smart engineering and environmental standards. It will be the largest integrated environmental friendly urban community. It comprises of 29 urban, entertainment, educational, and commercial projects, as well as an integrated system of services and amenities.

Mostakbal City: An integrated city

MIDAR has made Mostakbal City a full-service city that meets all the needs of its residents and visitors. The city has increased green spaces, health services, civil status offices, security, and protection systems, as well as educational, medical, commercial, administrative, entertainment, and international hotel facilities. The city also has banking services, gas stations, and other vital amenities.

MIDAR has also established several service companies in Mostakbal City. These include CIRCUIT Electricity Distribution Company, which manages, operates, and maintains the city’s power stations; WAYZ Transportation Company, which develops and achieves an integrated transportation and communication system to connect the city with the main locations outside and inside the city; Control Service Company, which manages all the city’s services in regard to operating and maintaining procedures, responsibilities and roles, and coordination with government agencies.

Success Partners

MIDAR has attracted an elite group of the largest and best real estate development companies to develop a variety of mixed-use projects in Mostakbal City. These projects include residential, administrative, and commercial projects with integrated services and amenities that follow the highest quality standards. 

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