NUCA completes 65% of its investment plan in FY 2016/2017: Mamdouh

Mohamed Darwish
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The New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) has completed the implementation of 65% of its investment plan for the current fiscal year (FY) 2016/2017. The authority spent about EGP 24bn, out of a total EGP 37bn allocated for investment by the end of June.

NUCA seeks to increase its investments to EGP 50bn in the next FY and complete the implementation of infrastructure projects and facilities of social and middle-income housing projects in the new cities.

Abdulmutallab Mamdouh, supervisor of the urban development sector, said that the authority’s expenditure was directed to social housing projects for low-income people and Dar Misr for middle-income people, as well as water and sanitation facilities.

NUCA’s investments amounted to EGP 37bn in the current FY, with an increase of EGP 15bn compared to the last year, distributed over three key sectors: the housing sector registering at EGP 20.4bn, the infrastructure projects and facilities at EGP 14.9bn, and the agriculture and services sectors at EGP 1.8bn.

6th of October City acquired the highest allocations—worth EGP 7.8bn—from NUCA, followed by New Cairo with EGP 5.5bn, 10th of Ramadan City with EGP 3.6bn, New El Alamein City with EGP 2.9bn, and Obour City with EGP 2.8bn.

According to Mamdouh, NUCA aims to complete its investment plan by June and prepare its new plan for the next FY.

NUCA takes over the installment of facilities at about 80,000 pieces of land, which were publicly offered for sale over the last year. The authority would also install facilities on 31,000 other pieces of land planned to be announced soon, with expectations to be completed in December. The new cities’ departments will set the timetable of delivering the housing units for the winners.

The New Administrative Capital

Mamdouh pointed out that the volume of works accomplished in the New Administrative Capital are worth EGP 2.5bn, out of EGP 9bn allocated by the authority to implement the housing units and facilities until June.

He added that construction companies installed the facilities on 3,130 feddans (3,248 acres) in the first phase of the project, in addition to the residential units.

A number of construction companies took over the building of 26,000 residential units on an area of 1,000 feddans (1,038 acres), including the Arab Contractors, Talat Mostafa Group (TMG), Petrojet, Concord Engineering and Contracting, the Holding Company for Construction and Development (HCCD)—affiliated with the armed forces—and Nile Valley Contracting and Real Estate Investment.

The cabinet has assigned four contracting companies to implement the facilities on about 40,000 feddans (41,510 acres)—worth EGP 4bn—in the first phase of the capital. The four companies completed the facilities of 3,130 feddans (3,248 acres), distributed as follows: 1,130 feddans (1,173 acres) by the HCCD, 740 feddans (768 acres) by the Alliance of Orascom and Hassan Allam Sons, 710 feddans (736.9 acres) by Concord, and 550 feddans (570.8 acres) by Arab Contractors.

The first phase of the New Administrative Capital is due to be built on 12,000 feddans (12,450 acres)—with initial investment of about EGP 60bn—out of a total 170,000 feddans (176,400 acres) allocated to build the new capital. The management company of the project was established with paid-up capital of EGP 6bn, distributed among the armed forces and NUCA.

The contracting companies will complete the establishment of 17,000 units in the residential area during December, while the completed units are expected to reach 26,000 in June 2018, including residential units, villas, and twin houses.

The third residential area is on an area of 1,000 feddans (1,038 acres) and divided into eight neighborhoods, including 328 villas, 624 twin houses, and 699 residential buildings, with a total of 19,900 units. It also has another 140 buildings, including 3,360 residential units and 1,120 commercial units.

New El Alamein City

NUCA is set to launch the first phase of land service in New El Alamein City during the month of April and the authority will establish a touristic boulevard and a corniche in the city within two months, according to Mamdouh.

He added that there are about 35 social housing buildings under construction in the city, consisting of 1,500 units, noting that the construction site was delivered to the executing companies.

The NUCA has removed buildings and pasture obstructing the path of the international coastal road project at a total length of 48km, while the Arab Contractors Company has completed the paving of about 28km in different areas in both directions.

The total area of New El Alamein City amounts to 48,000 feddans (49,820 acres). The first phase includes two key regions on an area of about 8,000 feddans (8,303 acres), including the coastal, archaeological, and urban areas with an expected population of 400,000 people.

East Port Said City

The armed forces took over the establishment of 4,940 units in East Port Said City, while the local authority of the city offered another 3,420 units.

The location of the new desalination plant has already been determined with a total capacity of 250,000 cubic metres per day. It will serve the port, the industrial area, and the city. The location maps were sent to the consultant in coordination with the armed forces, Mamdouh said.

NUCA is preparing the detailed designs of the tourist beach and its walkway in coordination with the city’s consultant. NUCA will also address the Suez Canal Authority to conduct marine surveying after completing the designs of the beach.

Upper Egypt Development

NUCA has developed a plan for the development of Upper Egypt, including Nasser-West Assiut and West Qena cities. Mamdouh said that the authority has allocated 1,600 feddans (1,661 acres) to implement the urgent phase of both cities and prepare the facilities’ designs, in preparation to offer the project for the contracting companies.

Nasser City is located 25km away from the Nile River and about 28km from New Assiut City, on an area of 6,500 feddans (6,746 acres). The urgent phase’s area of the city amounts to 800 feddans (830.3 acres) and includes luxury and social housing, as well as service centres.

West Qena City is located on the west bank of the Nile River—about 20 km away from New Qena City—on a total area of 8,112 feddans (8,419 acres). The urgent phase’s area of the city amounts to 800 feddans (830.3 acres). It includes various levels of housing, as well as social activities, and service centres.

Tourist Belt in Aswan 

NUCA launched the first phase of the Tourist Belt development project in New Aswan City, including a hotel on an area of 3 feddans (3.114 acres) and 75 villas on an area of 14.5 feddans (15.05 acres), as well as a large garden on an area of 11.8 feddans (12.25 acres). The entertainment complex of the city includes a shopping mall consisting of 30 shops and a cinema complex on an area of 10 feddans (10.38 acres). Additionally, the authority will prepare a tourist walkway on an area of 2 feddans (2.076 acres), including 60 shops, 3 administrative buildings, a restaurant, and 5 cafeterias.

The Tourist Belt of New Aswan is located on the Nile River. It will be divided into several areas, including investment and tourism land, the hospital—implemented by Magdi Yacoub—housing units, tourist villages built in Nubian style, a commercial centre, tourist housing, and a downtown area.

NUCA will take over the establishment of the mall and villas, while a number of investment lands will be offered for real estate development companies.

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