Al Ahly Capital, Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund finance expansion of Dawi clinics by EGP 250m

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Daw Clinics, the largest chain of outpatient clinics in Egypt, has announced signing a financing deal worth EGP 250m with Al Ahly Capital Holding and the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund (EAEF).

Dawi aims to focus on the growth of the outpatient clinic network in Egypt, and use the new funding to enhance its expansion plans and spread in different Egyptian governorates and open 30 new branches throughout Egypt, and focus on investing in the medical technology platform, managing and analyzing data, and communicating with patients through medication remotely, offering loyalty programs and integrated health care for clients with clinics.

Daw has 20 branches in 10 different governorates, and provides high-quality medical care and distinguished health services for Egyptian families through the application of international standards in health care in its comprehensive concept, through a professional medical staff consisting of 260 doctors in various specialties, and it also provides its medical services in clinics throughout the week and even on official holidays and Dawi accepts all insurance cards present in the Egyptian market, and is also working on offering discounted family programs for families who are not covered by insurance.

It works to improve the medical and health care level in Egypt, reach different groups and segments of society, and facilitate treatment for them at reasonable prices that suit their needs. It provided its services to about 120,000 patients through the unique operating model of “Dawy” clinics, by selecting a distinguished group of doctors and enabling them to work in a coordinated manner through a cloud-based electronic medical records platform that keeps all patients’ medical data in a secure file. This system enables the clinical medical team to cooperate together to achieve the best health outcomes for each patient.

Karim Saadeh, Managing Director of Al Ahly Capital Holding, stated: “We are pleased to partner with the founders of Dawi, an organization that has grown significantly and makes us proud of it, as it has over the past years enjoyed strong and dynamic management, and we believe that this investment fits the target mission and growth strategy of the healthcare platform of NCB Capital, providing high-quality healthcare services at competitive prices across the country, and we look forward to continuing to expand Dawi and the healthcare platform to reach their target.”

James Harmon, President of the Egyptian American Enterprise Fund (EAEF), said: “We are excited to support Dawi Clinics in their next phase of growth. Founded and led by two prominent female entrepreneurs, Dawi revolutionized the healthcare market in Egypt through providing a comprehensive offer of health services to patients through its integrated family clinics, and we look forward to supporting Dawe in the coming years as it fulfils its mission of providing high-quality and affordable healthcare to all Egyptians.”

Magda Habib, co-founder and CEO of Dawi Clinics, said: “Attracting investments in the current global and local economic climate from local and international institutions is a testament to the opportunities they see in the healthcare sector in the Egyptian market, and their confidence in the ability of Dawi to generate a return on investment in this sector.”

Mirouz Doss, Chief Operating Officer of the Dawi Clinics, expressed her pride in the company’s team, saying: “The main strength of Dawi Clinics is its young and professional medical staff with distinguished scientific and practical experiences. We have full faith in the competence of Egyptian doctors, graduates of Egyptian universities. We provide unlimited institutional support to our medical team to enable them to focus on delivering distinguished service to all Dawi customers.”

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