Al Habtoor Group open to cooperate with TSFE on investment opportunities: Khalaf Al Habtoor 

Daily News Egypt
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Khalaf Al Habtoor, the founder and Chairperson of Al Habtoor Group, a leading Emirati business conglomerate, said that his group is willing to cooperate with the Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE) on the projects and lands that the Fund offers to investors.

He told Daily News Egypt that this cooperation could be mutually beneficial for both parties. He added that there has not been any direct contact with the Fund yet.

Al Habtoor also said that he sees promising investment opportunities in Egypt’s North Coast and that most sectors in Egypt have strong potential. He stressed that the group is open to cooperation in general, and welcomes investing in Egypt in particular.

Al Habtoor Group opened its office in Egypt in 2020, to serve as a liaison between its Emirati and international operations and the Egyptian market. The office’s mission is to find opportunities that suit the group’s business portfolio.

Al Habtoor said that despite the global economic conditions, it is important to be present in the Egyptian market, which has huge potential due to the reforms and infrastructure expansions implemented by the Egyptian government.

The Emirati businessman also inaugurated the “Al Habtoor Research Center” in Cairo, which includes a group of Egyptian and Arab youth who have research skills and competencies. He said that the center’s outputs will be available for Arab decision-makers to use, with the fresh perspective of young people and civil society, which should ensure the neutrality and objectivity of the outputs.

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