Communications Minister inaugurates IT projects in Gharbeya

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Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Tarek Rahmi, Governor of Gharbia, have inspected the communications network and laying optical fibre cables in the village of “Sandbast”, in Gharbeya governorate.

Talaat was briefed on what has been accomplished in developing the communications infrastructure in the villages of Hayat Karima in Gharbia Governorate; where Telecom Egypt has already completed all development work in 12 of the 54 villages as part of the Decent Life initiative, and work is underway to implement development work in the rest of the targeted villages, as the percentage of work that was done exceeded more than 50%, and development work included replacement and replacement operations For copper cables with FTTH fibre optic cables.

Talaat explained that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is making great progress in implementing its projects in the villages of “Decent Life”, which include connecting high-speed internet services and improving mobile services provided to citizens, in addition to developing postal services, developing digital capabilities and spreading digital culture to create a productive digital society.

It is worth noting that Telecom Egypt is implementing a project to maintain the terrestrial network in Gharbia Governorate, and aims to complete maintenance work for about 41% of the total cabins and boxes during the years 2022 and 2023. The implementation of the project resulted in reducing the percentage of malfunctions in the terrestrial network of Telecom Egypt to reach 5.8% at the end of the year, compared to 8.3% at the beginning of the same year, and reducing the frequency of data failures from 22.4% at the beginning of the year to 15.20% at the end of 2022.

In a related context; the minister opened 4 post offices, namely: Al-Rayana Post Office, Damata Post Office, “Hanout” Post Office, and “Tafhana Al-Azab” Post Office; This is after developing and providing it with the latest technological systems and solutions to provide all financial, postal and governmental services to citizens.

In Gharbia Governorate, there are 297 post offices spread throughout the governorate to provide all integrated postal and financial services to citizens to the fullest.

Sherif Farouk, Chairperson of Egypt Post, explained that the plan to develop and modernize post offices nationwide is nearing completion. Where the number of developed offices reached 3,600 post offices out of a total of 4,000 offices, while the total number of new offices that were established reached 300, bringing the total number of offices to 4,300 post offices nationwide, according to the latest international standards in this field with the aim of improving the level of services provided to citizens so that every citizen can obtain all services in a decent and easy manner.

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