Egypt records 6.56% increase in manufacturing and extractive index in June 2022

Daily News Egypt
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The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) issued a press release of primary data from the manufacturing and extractive industries of production index of June 2022.

CAPMAS updated the index methodology using the base year FY2012/13 at the level of main indices of industrial activity according to Industrial Activity Manual (ISIC Rev.4) and by using the monthly index (for producer prices based on FY2012/13) since January 2020.

The manufacturing and extractive industries index — excluding crude oil and petroleum products — reached 119.38 in June 2022 (primary) compared to 112.03 in May 2022 (final) — an increase of 6.56%.

Meanwhile, the manufacture of beverages reached 474.07, compared to 365.90 — an increase of 29.56% — due to the increased production in the summer season.

Furthermore, the manufacture of electrical equipment reached 141.01, up from 122.04 — an increase by 15.54% — due to market needs.

Additionally, the manufacture of chemicals and chemical products reached 99.41, compared to 104.46 — a decrease of 4.83% — due to stock availability.

Finally, the manufacture of basic metals reached 67.83, down from 71.74 — a decrease of 5.45% — due to market needs.

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