Al Borsa to hold ‘Beyond Cash’ roundtable for digital payments

Daily News Egypt
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Al Borsa newspaper will organize the first roundtable on digital payments under the title Beyond Cash on Monday, 14 June.

It will be attended by representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance and the most prominent players in the digital payments sector as well as other sectors benefiting from the growth of contactless transactions.

The roundtable comes in light of the Egyptian state’s orientation towards financial inclusion by enabling all groups and segments of Egyptian society to obtain financing and financial services, while overcoming many difficulties that were hindering the spread of these services to villages and remote areas.

Al Borsa will organize this meeting out of its belief in the role of the press and economic media in supporting the ambitious policies of the Egyptian state, which led to the record growth rate of 7.8% during the first nine months of the current fiscal year.

The roundtable focuses on exploring the future, in light of a growing world in which many central banks seek to issue their digital currencies, and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the money cycle and its turnover.

The panel discussion will raise many questions about the impact of the broader adoption of digital payment on the speed of movement of money, trade, and the economy, in addition to the means of protection in a world where cybercrime is growing, and what will be the future of integration and competition between different companies.

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