EAPD, AFTAAC discuss cooperation for benefit of African countries

Sami Hegazi
2 Min Read

Ambassador Mohamed Khalil, Secretary General of the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development (EAPD), has met with Sherine Adel Imam, Acting Director General of the Arab Fund for Technical Aid to African States (AFTAAC).

During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways to advance cooperation relations for the benefit of African countries, where the secretary-general praised the extended partnership relations with the Arab Fund, which included two programmes to build the capacity of African countries in the fields of diplomacy and health during 2015, through organization and joint financing.

Khalil stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation relations between the two sides in light of the Agency’s continuous efforts to achieve the 17th Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) related to establishing partnerships to achieve these goals, as well as in the framework of its efforts to support African countries in achieving the SDGs and the African Union (AU)Development Agenda 2063.

On her part, Sherine Adel expressed AFTAAC’s desire to strengthen cooperation with the agency.

She also looked forward to discussing the proposed areas of joint cooperation through capacity building programs, the dispatch of experts, medical convoys and other activities that were agreed to be discussed in the coming period in order to support African countries in facing many common challenges.

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