Egyptian, French navies conduct joint drill in Mediterranean

Sami Hegazi
1 Min Read

Egyptian and French naval forces carried out a naval drill within the Northern Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, with the participation of the Egyptian frigate, ‘Port Said’, and the French frigate, ‘La Provence.’

This comes within the framework of the General Command of the Armed Forces’ plan to raise the level of training and exchange of experiences with the armed forces of brotherly and friendly countries.

The training began with a pre-sailing conference to coordinate the exercises that will be executed, as well as familiarisation with the combined forces of both sides.

The training included a range of naval combat activities, including joint air assault reconnaissance operations, sailing formation exercises, night transportation, photography, defence against non-standard threats, electronic warfare, and sea resupply exercises.

The drill is the second of its kind with the French navy in a short period of time, which will contribute to the exchange of common experiences with the French side, the utilisation of bilateral capabilities in realising common interests, and the promotion of military cooperation between the two countries’ navies.

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