Government injects EGP 2.4bn into 191 development projects in New Valley in 2021/22: El-Said

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The Egyptian government has directed EGP 2.4bn worth public investments into 191 development projects in New Valley governorate in fiscal year (FY) 2021/22. 

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has reviewed the features of the citizen’s investment plan in the New Valley governorate for FY 2021/22. For the third year in a row, this plan continues to educate citizens about the trends and priorities of the sustainable development plan, and its role in achieving “Egypt Vision 2030”.

In a report issued by the Ministry on Saturday, Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, said that all development plans adopted by the state aim to improve quality of life in Egypt. This cannot be achieved without active community participation. 

The Ministry took many measures and steps aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability, as well as stressing the importance of citizen participation in planning and follow-up, including the issuance of the report “Citizen Follow-up in governorates 2018/19 – 2019/20”, and the launch of the mobile application “Sharek 2030” (Take Part 2030).

El-Said explained that the “citizen’s investment plan” reviews the features of the sustainable development plan for FY 2021/22, and connects it with “Egypt Vision 2030”, including reducing the unemployment rate to 7.4%, and providing 950,000 decent job opportunities by expanding work programmes, entrepreneurship, and MSMEs. The plan also includes injecting investments worth EGP 1.25trn. Infrastructure and urban development projects accounted for 79% of public investments, followed by human and social development 15%, and municipal development 6%.

With regard to the sectoral distribution of public investments in New Valley, El-Said indicated that EGP 987.5m was injected into the housing sector, accounting for 41.5% of total public investments in the governorate. Higher education and scientific research received EGP 480m, accounting for 20.2%. Moreover, municipal development received EGP 392.6m, accounting for 16.5%, while the water resources and irrigation sector received EGP 94m, representing 3.9%. The investments injected into the pre-university education reached EGP 75.6m, accounting for 3.2%. Other sectors received EGP 348.3m investment, accounting for 14.7%.

The report indicated that the government attaches great importance to water and sanitation projects in the governorate, allocating EGP 341.3m. The number of projects in this sector reached 36. 

As for municipal development, it includes paving roads at a total cost of EGP 73.9m, in addition to EGP 14.7m to support the governorate’s electricity networks. The number of projects in this sector reached 93.

With regard to the higher education and scientific research sector in the governorate, the report indicated that the total number of students in the governorate who are enrolled in universities was estimated at 5,200, of whom 61.7% were female. 

Other important projects included the construction of the New Valley University Hospital, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and the second phase of the infrastructure of the New Valley University’s headquarters.

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