Christmas holidays boost commodities sales:FEDCOC

Daily News Egypt
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Ahmed Al-Mallwani, Head of the Foreign Trade Committee at the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce’s (FEDCOC) Importers Division, has said that the celebrations of Christmas represent one of the top commercial seasons during which commodities sales increase. Holidays also represent an opportunity for consumers to purchase their needs of winter clothes, as several discounts emerge during this period.

Al-Mallwani added that discounts on clothes and gifts during celebrations of the New Year and Christmas, ranged between 10 – 30%. “We are counting on the period – from 25 December 25 to 10 January – when the celebrations of Orthodox and Catholics coincide, followed by the mid-school year holidays.”

He expected that sales would rise by about 10% in the Christmas period, noting that there is still high demand for Santa Claus dolls. Furthermore, he added, “It is the most popular and best-selling during the current period, and Christmas trees with different sizes come in second place as the most sought-after consumption pattern.”

He pointed out that retail sales in hypermarket chains increased by 10%, and elaborated that merchants take advantage of holidays and ceremonies to increase sales, especially after a period of confusion and severe stagnation in sales.

Although Christmas is a small season compared to its counterpart, it is witnessing a significant increase in sales of clothing and gifts as well as meat, fish, food and dairy products, as it is the first in terms of growth in sales and sales basket, according to Al-Mallwani.

The average per capita spending on shopping decreased during the current year by about 30% compared to the same period last year, he concluded.

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