Egypt agrees with Dutch company to obtain radioactive isotopes

Mohamed Farag
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The Atomic Energy Authority has agreed with a Dutch company to obtain one of the radioactive isotopes used in the medical field.

Magdy Zaky, director of Egypt’s second research reactor affiliated with the Atomic Energy Authority, said in exclusive statements to Daily News Egypt that contracts are being reviewed in preparation for signing them in two weeks at the latest.

He added that the past period has witnessed discussions with the Dutch company regarding the “arbitration in case of dispute” clause, as Egypt wants the arbitration to be in Cairo, while the Dutch company sought to have it in the Netherlands, but in the end it was decided that the arbitration will be in the event of a dispute, in Cairo. .

He explained that the Dutch company signed the contracts and sent them to the Atomic Energy Authority in preparation for Egyptian officials to sign them. They will be activated by next year.

Zaky said that the radioactive isotope that the Dutch company will obtain is used in the detection and diagnosis of the blood circulation and liver. It also contributes to increasing the lifespan of patients.

He pointed out that there is an agreement not to disclose the details of the contracts with the Dutch company. Egypt is seeking to communicate about the usefulness of this radioactive isotope if its importance is proven by officials of the Atomic Energy Authority.

Zaky revealed that a contract is about to be signed with an American company to use Egypt’s research reactor and radioactive isotopes in processing precious stones, and the contract is expected to be completed before the end of this year.

He added that the agreement includes bringing “topaz”, a precious stones processed and colored with radiation. He continued “Iin Egypt’s second research reactor, we can handle two tonnes of topaz annually.”

He stated that the contracts with a German company regarding the irradiation of precious stones were renewed, as the agreement includes renewing the contract for two years, starting from January 2022 and ending in December 2023.

The German company deals with 50 companies in the world. Precious stones are sent and placed in Egypt’s second research reactor for a certain amount of time, and are exposed to specific levels of radiation.

He said that Egypt’s second research reactor is expected to increase its operating periods to 100 days next year, compared to only 65 days this year, and the main reason for the increase is the contracts with international companies to obtain isotopes.

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