E-finance launches integrated medical E-cards in Zimbabwe

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E-cards for Integrated Smart Card Solutions, a member of the e-finance group for financial and digital investments, has signed an agreement to digitise healthcare services through a 10-year contract to operate and manage smart cards for the medical system in Zimbabwe.

This is in cooperation with Tres Groupe International (TGI), the leading provider of mediation, consulting, and healthcare services management in several African countries.

Ibrahim Sarhan, the Chairperson of E-finance for Financial and Digital Investments, said that the group has begun to take serious steps to implement one of the axes of its future strategic plans to expand to provide its diverse services in the continent of Africa, and therefore the contract to digitise health care services in the state of Zimbabwe by one of our companies — E-cards — by contracting with TGI is a start, as E-card seeks to cover the rest of the SADAC countries in which TGI operates.

For his part, Mahmoud Kamal, the Managing Director of E-cards, explained that the contract includes E-cards providing system management services to more than two million beneficiaries by issuing prepaid cards with international specifications by registering the medical beneficiary and enabling them to pay for medical services using the card. It is worth noting that E-cards is licensed by the global networks of Visa and MasterCard.

The contract also includes E-cards operating and managing users’ cards on behalf of TGI in return for a fixed monthly fee, and E-cards will provide the system with 7,000 points of sale (PoS) and take charge of operating them and linking them to banks during the contract period to enable beneficiaries to pay for services.

The cooperation between E-cards and TGI will provide the opportunity for subsidiaries and sister companies of E-finance to discuss various ways of cooperation and exchange experiences.

For his part, Keith Nkomo, the CEO of TGI, said that the company is proud of its partnership with leading group E-finance and its subsidiary E-cards with the aim of creating new business capabilities for health care funders in SADC that will help the presence of TGI and increase its speed in responding to current and future health care needs.

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