Egypt’s Unified Procurement Authority signs cooperation protocol with German-Arab Commerce Chamber

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The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Egypt) has signed a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply, and Technology Department (UPA).

The cooperation protocol aims to create a platform to facilitate cooperation between the two entities, enhance trade relations, and exchange information to support the development of healthcare in Egypt, as well as stimulate investment opportunities for German companies in Egypt and support the localization of manufacturing. This is expected to create many job opportunities and transfer specialized knowledge to the health sector.

Emad Ghaly, Head of the AHK Egypt, said that the protocol of cooperation with the Authority aims to enhance cooperation in the manufacture and distribution of medicines and investment in the health sector in Egypt.

In his speech on the sidelines of the press conference held by the Chamber, Ghaly added that Egypt is one of the most prominent countries attracting investments in health care and the pharmaceutical industry, especially in light of several presidential initiatives to improve the health sector in accordance with the state’s vision 2030.

Ghaly invited German companies to participate in the Africa Healthcare Exhibition to be held mid next year in Egypt.

Frank Hartmann, the German Ambassador to Egypt, said that he discussed with many officials in Egypt cooperation in manufacturing medicines, improving public health, and raising the level of health services, especially in rural areas.

Hartmann added that Egypt and Germany faced problems in the health sector during the pandemic. Moreover, work is being done on cooperation in applied sciences, scientific research and the pharmaceutical industry, especially since Germany is one of the major countries in medical investments.

He pointed out that the development of the health sector in Egypt is important for implementing the sustainable development plan, praising the presidential health initiative implemented by Egypt during the past years, especially the initiative to eliminate Hepatitis C and the 100 Million Health Initiative.

Bahaa El-Din Zeidan, Chairperson of the UPA, said that it began cooperating with the German Chamber five years ago, and German companies have managed to overcome challenges and seal deals by offering convenient prices and a high quality.

The Authority is an Egyptian economic authority to secure equitable access to health services by evaluating medical technology, purchase and supply it. It is affiliated to the Cabinet.

Zeidan added that German companies will be dealing with great competition during the coming period with other companies that offer distinct prices which are difficult to compete with.

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