Intense competition among firms for compound promotions during Ramadan

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The battle for visibility in Ramadan’s advertising landscape has been dominated by compound promotions, featuring both established and emerging companies in the Egyptian market.

With the Iftar cannon’s boom, a cascade of real estate company names floods in, extending wishes for an accepted fast and a delightful Iftar meal.

In recent years, actors have increasingly participated in Ramadan commercials, particularly for real estate, to foster engagement with the ads. They aim to evoke joy and contentment, associating their projects with positive emotions and encouraging investment considerations.

Georgina Rodriguez, renowned as the partner of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, made a splash in the Ramadan advertising scene with her appearance in a campaign for a New Cairo compound.

These lengthy advertisements, often exceeding two minutes, comprehensively detail the compound’s lifestyle offerings, including opulent residences, water features, pools, high-end retail spaces, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and prestigious educational institutions.

Intense competition among firms for compound promotions during Ramadan

This year’s surge in ad investments by companies could be attributed to the fluctuating economic landscape and the local currency’s marked depreciation against the dollar, prompting a shift towards tangible assets with appreciating investment potential.

Real estate firms are presenting various payment facilitation options for acquiring new properties, with plans spanning five to ten years.

Industry developers and experts affirm that real estate remains a reliable value repository and one of the most secure investment hedges, boasting considerable profitability.

Fathallah Fawzi, Vice President of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association and leader of its Construction Committee, observed a period of tranquillity in the real estate sector during Ramadan.

Fawzi noted the eagerness of companies to highlight their developments in Ramadan, capitalizing on the heightened viewership to bolster their advertising efforts, which tend to yield substantial post-Ramadan returns.

He mentioned that the Egyptian pound’s exchange rate liberalization is likely to boost real estate sales in Ramadan, anticipating a surge in property demand.

Fawzi also highlighted that major market players annually gear up to unveil new project phases and offer pricing incentives on down payments and instalment schemes during this time.

Ibrahim Abdel Moneim, chief of United Consulting for Real Estate Marketing, reported significant growth in the real estate market at the onset of 2024, despite a Ramadan sales dip.

Abdel Moneim revealed that real estate developers typically allocate 7% of a project’s investment towards promotion, with a significant portion of their marketing budget dedicated to Ramadan to leverage the increased viewership.

Intense competition among firms for compound promotions during Ramadan

Ramadan 2024 brings a showcase of compound advertisements, offering a unique chance to evaluate diverse projects simultaneously. These ads provide comprehensive details about each project, its amenities, and the lifestyle benefits they offer, all while being endorsed by leading celebrities who enhance the appeal of these developments. Notable campaigns include Hyde Park Developments for Hyde Park Compound, Palm Hills Developments for Badya Compound, and Ora Developers, led by the renowned Egyptian magnate Naguib Sawiris, promoting their ventures in Cairo’s eastern and western regions.

International football icon Mohamed Salah, famed for his roles with Liverpool and the Egyptian national team, graced a fresh ad for Mountain View, this time featuring his daughters, Mecca and Kian.

ERG Development has made its debut announcement. The firm has launched two television ads, one focusing on the company’s branding and the other showcasing Eelaf Residence in New Cairo.

The MarQ Communities has also made its inaugural announcement, enlisting a host of Egyptian actors and actresses who appear in various scenes within the company’s projects. Al Ahly Sabbour – Developments is promoting its expansive Summer North Coast project.

Talaat Moustafa Group has initiated a remarkable advertising campaign for Ramadan 2024, spotlighting the mosques within Madinaty and Al-Rehab. The campaign celebrates the mosques’ grandeur, the array of religious events hosted there, and their distinctive architectural styles, set against lush greenery. The ad also features the group’s array of projects, including the New Coast Project and the Banan City in Saudi Arabia.

Madinet Masr has introduced a novel concept in its latest ad. Moving away from the traditional maintenance deposit, the company now offers a property warranty certificate that guarantees maintenance and operational services without any extra charges for up to two decades following property handover.

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