Parliament continues review of government performance

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Egypt’s House of Representatives continued, on Sunday, to listen to statements by ministers in the cabinet of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, in order to review each ministry’s plans, state media has reported.

Among the ministers that attended on Sunday was Minister of Transport Kamil El-Wazir, who said that his ministry had drawn up a plan to develop and modernise 1,120 km railway lines. Of this number, a total of 732 km have been completed and had their control systems developed.

During Sunday’s session, the minister revealed that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi directed for coordination with specialised companies that work in iron and steel for the production of railway rods.

 “Coordination is being made to establish a factory for the production of railway rods,” El-Wazir said, adding, “We need to produce 50,000 tonnes to cover our needs, although production will be half a million tonnes, which we will export rods to other countries.”

El-Wazir noted that the export of these railway rods will provide hard currency, and enable Egypt to create job opportunities for young people.

Last week witnessed a number of ministers presenting reviews to the House of Representatives regarding the implementation of the government’s programme, which won parliamentary confidence in 2018.

Last week, over the course of four days and nearly 29 working hours, the Council listened to eight ministers presenting the position of their ministries on the implementation of the government programme “Egypt Starts 2018-2022”. Different specialised committees discussed different files with each minister.

El-Wazir said that his ministry is carrying out an integrated plan to achieve development in all sectors, and establish hubs on the River Nile. This will take place through an integrated development plan and linking urban areas with productive and industrial areas.

The minister confirmed that the plan is based on ensuring the strengthening of economic integration with neighbouring countries, planning and paving roads for heavy transport trucks, and taking measures to avoid road accidents.

He added that the road and bridges sector has witnessed development that enabled Egypt to achieve a higher position in global competitiveness, and saw the country jump 90 places during fiscal year (FY) 2019/20.

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