Sand storm hits Egypt, shuts down main sea ports

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Egypt has been hit by a cold wave and sand storm on Sunday which will continue until Tuesday, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said in an official statement.

The River Transport Authority decided on Sunday that it will halt all navigation through the river Nile, citing heavy winds and bad weather conditions. This will also include touristic cruise ships navigating between Aswan and Luxor.

The EMA explained that the entire areas of northern Egypt will experience a cold wave, while crisp weather is expected in southern Upper Egypt.

A stormy wind will be mostly active on the northern areas of the country, leading to low visibility on roads. Rain is also expected in the country’s Delta and possibly Cairo, EMA added.

The River Transport Authority also said it will halt navigation in Lake Nasser, meanwhile the Alexandria Port Authority has said two Mediterranean ports of Alexandria and Dekheila will be closed temporarily. Similarly, the Lake Burullus port in the Nile Delta and the Sharm El-Sheikh port were closed.

As for the status of the Red Sea, it will remain moderate to turbulent.

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