Cubic Information Systems debuts activities in Egyptian market

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Cubic Information Systems, a leading regional company in digital transformation solutions, has announced the start of its activities in the local market.

This aims to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that Egypt enjoys, and to support the country’s strategy for digital transformation in light of the experiences the company has gained in many markets of the Middle East region.

The company provides a wide range of unprecedented technological solutions and products that support the digital transformation process. These products and solutions are in line with the state’s plan for the transformation strategy for a technological community.

Waleed Saeed, founding partner and deputy CEO of the company’s regional technology sector, said that he is pleased to announce the start of the company’s business in the Egyptian market.

He noted that opportunities are created hundreds of times every day in a market of more than 100 million citizens, and Cubic believes that being in Egypt is the way it can spread in the regional and even global market.

In spite of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19)pandemic, last year the telecommunications and information technology industry achieved a growth rate of 15.2%, with the size of the sector reaching nearly EGP 108bn.

For his part, country General Manager Ahmed Samy noted the great opportunities that exist in light of the digital transformation and the strategic plans of the Egyptian government. This gives companies specialising in information technology the green light to work and invest strongly in the local market with success partners.

They aim to provide smart solutions to manage their business in more efficient ways, and facilitate the procedures of dealing with customers.

Samy said that Cubic signed several protocols and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with a number of its partners, including banks and financial institutions, to provide the necessary solutions that support digital transformation plans and the holistic vision of a cashless society.

Cubic aims to expand reliance on smart and technical solutions to reach broad segments of the Egyptian society, especially since the rate of financial inclusion, according to the latest report issued by the World Bank, does not exceed 33%, while the number of mobile users in Egypt, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Communications, is more than 93 million.

The number of internet users exceeds 50% of the users who can be referred to with technology-based banking solutions, which helps increase the expansion of the customer base, and provides the ability to deal with financial sectors in a smooth and simple way.

The company considers its office in Egypt as a primary platform for expansion in neighboring countries and even globally. The company has offices in Libya and Kenya, and provides its services to clients in the UAE, Lebanon, Kenya and Canada.

The company offers a set of integrated solutions aimed primarily at improving customers’ experience in obtaining services, especially for the financial and business sector.

Among the most prominent products offered by the company is Worx solutions. It is a group of the most important solutions through which the company seeks to enable the financial sectors to achieve digital transformation in record time given its capabilities to bridge the gaps in the banking systems. The solutions will be integrated to facilitate the process of dealing with customers on a daily basis.

Worx allows creating customer identification documents and identity verification, whether by biometric fingerprint, electronic signature or any other means. It also involves preparing a complete file about the customer through which all his data can be linked across different departments. The aim is to design special products for each customer according to their individual needs.

Worx relies on unprecedented artificial intelligence (AI) technology to prepare reports on clients in the various stages of their dealings with financial institutions. These institutions can learn about the history of each customer, the company where they work, with their creditworthiness measured on that.

A simplified form is created containing the relevant information. This makes it easier for these institutions to obtain all needed information and use them when communicating with clients, whether for the purpose of providing services or designing products that suit their needs.

Regarding security, Worx is one of the solutions fully designed to meet the new needs in light of digital transformation, relying mainly on “Microsoft Dynamics” solutions, which take all security standards in dealing with enterprise data.

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