Careem updates brand following acquisition by Uber

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

Vehicle for hire company Careem has sent a text message to drivers and customers informing them of a change to its brand following its acquisition by Uber at the beginning of the year.

The change, which also see a black dot added to the letter ‘C’ to reflect the new brand, is set to take place according to Uber policy.

In a text message sent to the drivers, Careem said, “Our dear client / Dear Captain, in an effort to adhere to transparency, we made a change to the trademark of Careem after the acquisition by Uber, in line with the requirements of the Competition Protection Authority.”

US-based company Uber announced, at the beginning of this year, the acquisition of all shares of its Emirati competitor Careem, for a total of $3.1bn.

The Competition Protection Authority (CPA) agreed to complete the transaction in December 2019, provided that a maximum service fee is set, so that it does not exceed current fees. This would ensure that the service fee is set at 22.5% for UberX services, and an average of 25.5% for Careem Go.

The CPA also committed Careem to change its trademark to reflect its affiliation with Uber.

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