Outsource technicians demanding to join TE or TE Data

Shaimaa Raafat
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The employees of Telecommunication Engineering Concepts: in Building Solution (IBS), which provides technical services to Telecom Egypt (TE) and TE Data, to join Telecom Egypt as professionals.

According to one of the technicians working at the company, there is a special unit to provide technical services to the Egyptian Telecom and TE Data only in the company IBS of about 10,000 employees, and thus serve as technicians instead of the technician of Telecom Egypt.

The technician attributed the reason for their demands to join Telecom Egypt that the contracting process in itself was completed in 2012 on the basis of appointment of TE Data, where the company recently announced the need for technicians and engineers Communications, they registered and undergo testing and training at TE Data, Contracts Employees were surprised to sign a contract with a company called IBS to act as outsourcing technicians.

According to the technician who refused to be named, their direct dealings are with the managers of TE Data and they receive instructions for the work assignments from TE Data and have nothing to do with IBS except through the paper contract only, until their salaries are deposited in their account Through TE Data.

He added that the contracts are annual and renewed automatically, provided that the technician received a very good assessment in the evaluation by the managers supervisors from the company Data, and therefore may be subject to any of them not to renew the contract in the event of not carrying out the tasks required of him, noting that the official working hours from 8 o’clock But often they are asked to do tasks after official working hours and can not refuse them for fear of receiving an assessment that affects the renewal of their contracts.

“The oldest technician gets a salary of no more than EGP 2,200 per month, while the majority of the technical support services of TE and TE Data we are doing, there are some professionals scope their job within the exchanges.”

He attributed the reliance on them as outsource technicians in the company without relying on the company’s technicians, to the exit of a large segment of the technicians of the company from service, either to reach the age of legal pension or as an early pension, without appointment instead.

He justified the company’s refusal to contract directly with them to avoid raising the salary and salary item in the company’s budget, and to avoid granting them the financial advantages of the employees of TE despite their being assigned to the company’s employees according to the technician

And their demands for technical summary in the “work portfolio of IBS technicians since the signing of contracts and the inclusion of one of the Egyptian Telecom and IT Data, set a minimum wage minimum of EGP 3,000, the allocation and disbursement of a percentage of annual profits and bonuses and financial incentives, A mobile phone for a customer call, placing an item in contracts to hold them accountable for overtime, being included in the TE fund.

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