Tagerly launched as first “drop shipping” platform in Egypt

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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The Tagerly drop shipping platform has been fully launched in Egypt to help people start online wholesale businesses and sell online without the need for big capital.

The platform’s users have no requirement to buy products, own a warehouse to store goods, or even deal with delivery companies.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has hit global economies hard, with a worldwide recession widely anticipated whose effects are expected to extend for years to come.

In light of these economic conditions, many people are looking for new ways to earn money and increase their income, by selling online through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Traditionally, any step in this direction has required capital to buy large quantities of products for resale at wholesale prices, with storage requirements also needed. This has come in addition to other logistical issues, such as product delivering requirements and collecting payments from customers.

Through a series of simple steps, Tagerly allows users to create an account and then choose the method of collecting profits, either in the form of a bank transfer or through electronic payment methods.

The user then chooses between a wide list of various products that they will sell, with over 2,000 products available in different categories including home tools, electronics, fashion, and accessories.

Afterwards, the user registers the orders on the site so that the Tagerly team delivers the product to the customer. The platform then collects the money and transfers it back to the user.

Tagerly provides another section that allows for online store owners to undertake wholesale purchases at wholesale price, without the need to buy large quantities and without the trouble of searching. This is particularly useful considering the challenges of working with wholesale markets currently available in Egypt, such as Ataba and El Mosky, which have until now been unorganised.

Mohamed Moustafa, CEO of B2B trade portal Toggar which owns Tagerly, said, “We provide a complete package service for anyone who wants to start their online store, and we provide products at wholesale prices to both sellers and Tagerly users.”

He added, “Sellers can start promoting these products in any way they want, and when the user sells a product, Tagerly will handle the ordering process, deliver the product to its customers and then transfer its revenue back to the seller.”

Mostafa noted that Tagerly’s services are available without users needing to pay membership fees or even buy products. Instead, they can simple navigate their way through an easy to use set of simple steps to make profits, all whilst working from home.

He explained that this model is called “drop shipping”, and has been used for many years by specialised platforms worldwide. Tagerly, however, will be the first platform to launch this model in Egypt.

Mostafa added that the company undertook a soft launch the service on a trial basis in January, achieving good results, with this August representing the service’s full launch. The platform is currently reporting about 1,000 new registrations per day.

Tagerly is one of the Toggar’s projects that is specialised in e-commerce solutions. It aims to change the wholesale and retail trade in Egypt and digitalise the unorganised wholesale market.

It has recently acquired a percentage in one of the emerging shipping companies to facilitate logistical operations and assist in future expansion plans.

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