Lexus Egypt launches new luxury RX crossover

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Lexus Egypt has announced the launch of its luxury Lexus RX Crossover in Egypt, through Toyota Egypt Group, the sole distributor of the Japanese brand in the country.

Ahmed Monsef, CEO of Toyota Egypt Group, said, “We are glad to launch Lexus RX in Egypt in response to customers demand. We are sure that it will represent a strong and unique addition to the luxury crossover market in Egypt. It will introduce a unique and worthy experience considering the great effort made by Lexus globally to mix elegant design, dynamic performance, and innovative technologies.”

Monsef added that all LX, LS, ES, and RX Lexus models are now available with a free maintenance contract for three years or 40,000 km.

Lexus RX is one of the best-selling luxury crossover vehicles worldwide, and since its first launch in 1999, it has been able to draw and define the features of the luxury crossover segment. It was the first vehicle to innovate in this category, and it has been setting its standards since then.

The Lexus RX is the world’s first luxury crossover, where the exterior styling has a strong sporty character, as well as its front-to-back exterior styling lines, which add more flow and style. The vehicle also comes with an exceptional performance as the engineering team made a major development on the rigidity of the chassis and suspension system.

New shock absorbers and a new brake control system have been added to provide the vehicle with excellent stability and enable the driver to track the required path accurately and with ease.

The Lexus RX is available with a 3.5-litre V6 fuel engine, generating maximum power of 296 hp and 370 Nm of torque connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission. It provides a unique driving experience, with cutting-edge technologies, a quiet cabin and smooth acceleration.

The model’s exterior design is a sophisticated version of previous generations, starting from the L-shaped front grille and the smoother dividing line that is more effectively harmonised with the front bumper. The vehicle’s rear carries refined and modern features, as fog lights have been integrated into the bottom bumper, and the multi-purpose lights are both prominent and horizontally arranged.

As the Lexus RX is designed to enhance driving, front and rear stabiliser bars are designed to reduce weight. However, its thick diameter and reinforced bushings help reduce vehicle wobble and increase steering wheel response, to provide a comfortable, smooth driving experience.

The existence of the Adaptive Variable Suspension system provides an instantaneous pressure range and an adjustment of the balance level, up to 650 levels.

The centre console includes a 12.3-inch high-definition Lexus Multimedia System that allows easier and smoother control of both the sound system and cabin control system. The touch screen includes a rear view camera, which helps the driver reverse safely. The integrated and advanced smartphone system in the new Lexus RX provides access to the connected services and smart applications inside the vehicle. There is a dedicated phone storage space and six USB ports, to ensure that passengers remain in constant connection while on the move.

The Mark Levinson Premium Surround System, available in all Lexus vehicles models, is specially designed to ensure the best listening experience possible. Featuring 15 speakers, the sound system uses Clari-Fi technology to restore the quality of compressed digital music files, producing rich low tones and clear medium to high tones surrounding the listener.

The new Lexus RX model also adds convenience with the ability to open the back door using the foot instead of the hand. The back door can be opened or closed electrically when the foot is placed under the sensor located under the rear bumper cover.

The model also comes with a comprehensive package of safety features to protect passengers, such as 10 SRS airbags, a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) System, and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), among other features.

The Lexus RX uses a dynamic torque control system that works with data collected from a series of sensors that monitor wheel speed, steering angle, and other measurements that help the vehicle provide the best performance.

The new Lexus RX Crossover offers greater driving flexibility, whether driving in flat city streets or open, bumpy and winding roads thanks to changes applied to the suspension system. The key was to increase suspension stiffness, focusing on axle bearings for an improved response. Meanwhile, the McPherson front suspension was used, with a separate Double Wishbone suspension at the rear, a set designed to ensure more stability through corners and an excellent overall handling.

The Lexus RX Crossover driver mode selector allows the driver to choose from different settings to suit driving conditions. Each setting adjusts the suspension power, engine and transmission power and response, and vehicle body balance, and the standard system provides standard, environmental and sporty modes, while the Lexus RX variants feature adaptive variable suspension system plus the Sport S and Sport S +.

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