Production of first batch of BMW cars assembled in Egypt to kick-off in 1Q 2023: Global Auto Group

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Khaled Shedid — General Manager of BMW Egypt at Global Auto Group, the local agent for BMW and Mini said that the annual summit, Egypt Automotive, has witnessed great success over the past years, and the current seventh edition is more outstanding than its predecessor for BMW.

This edition is also witnessing the return of the luxury brand to the market after car enthusiasts waited for so long.

In the first session of Egypt Automotive, Shedid said that Global Auto focuses on providing after-sales services in a way that exceeds the market’s expectations. The company has a plan to not be limited to showrooms or exhibitions and maintenance centres, but rather pumping investments that exceed $150m, which could generate 600 jobs.

He explained that Global Auto has global BMW Group’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and implementing a prerequisite for preserving the environment. The company’s latest models IX and X, as well as the latest BMW electric family, produce zero carbon emissions as per the goals of the recently held climate conference.

Shedid also shed light on the action taken to promote sustainable development mechanisms. About 30% of the components used in the production of BMW cars come from recycled materials. Moreover, the global group is keen to reuse and recycle by relying on the remains of aluminium raw materials in the manufacturing process. Additionally, some components — such as the batteries and car floor mats — are made from 100% recycled materials.

He stressed that BMW Group uses recycled materials from plastic — which used to pollute the seas and oceans — in order to preserve the environment and reduce carbon emissions, and Global Auto places sustainability operations at the forefront of its priorities as per Egypt’s 2030 Vision.

Furthermore, Shedid pointed out that as traditional marketing methods change, it is important to constantly develop them so they are more in match with the concept of sustainability by shifting from traditional methods that rely on publications and paper booklets to electronic methods, which would be applied through the application of the company’s official website.

He also explained that, in line with the Egyptian state’s efforts to localise the auto industry’s assembly process, the company has an ambitious plan that supports the local manufacturing process by resuming the operation of the BMW factory, which consists of three lines with a production capacity of 10,000 annually.

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