US records world highest 24-hour Covid-19 death toll of 1,632

Daily News Egypt
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US recorded the world’s highest single day death toll of 1,632 on Wednesday. The country’s total cases have stood at 422,800 and total deaths at 14,743 until now.

US President Donald Trump said, on Tuesday, the US may be getting to the peak of the coronavirus infection curve. He added that he did not see an early written warning about the pandemic from top White House aide, Peter Navarro.

Trump said he had been reluctant to talk about the fatality rate, but that the US might be on track for fewer deaths than projected. His coronavirus task force previously projected that about 240,000 people could die in the pandemic.

Trump reiterated that he wanted to reopen the US economy, saying, “We want to get it open soon, that’s why I think maybe we’re getting to the very top of the curve.”

The number of virus-related hospitalisations is apparently levelling off in New York state, the US’s pandemic epicenter, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday. Cuomo’s comment comes even as medical teams struggled to save an onslaught of gravely ill coronavirus patients and deaths hit new highs.

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