1.75 million prep. students examined as part of 100 Million Health Initiative: ministry 

Daily News Egypt
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As part of Egypt’s 100 Million Health Initiative to eradicate Hepatitis C in Egypt and detect noncommunicable diseases, 1.75 million first graders in preparatory schools have been examined in 2019-2020 school year, Minister of Health Hala Zayed said in a Monday statement.

Khaled Megahed, a spokesperson for the ministry said that medical tests would be carried out for the next five years for first graders in preparatory school and first year university students to protect the coming generations from Hepatitis C.

The health survey is targeting two million students in the first grade, Megahed said, adding that the ministry set 414 medical teams in 27 governates to ensure all the targeted students done their examination.

Megahed added that students that tested positive would be referred to continue their required medical tests and would be given free medication.

He said that 393,883 university students who have never done the test before had administered their medical examinations.

Since August 2019, 325,855 first year public university students have done the medical test.

In the meantime, Megahed added that the 100 Million Health Initiative has tested 3.8 million students of all preparatory grades from across the country since May 2019.

The initiative also manged to examine 3.7 million high school students, he said, adding that 1058 medical teams were assigned to visit 8373 schools.

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