Chery Egypt introduces new modified Tiggo 3 at a very competitive price

Yara El-ganiny
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Chery Egypt introduced the locally modified Tiggo 3, which the company has made several improvements to suit the Egyptian consumer and satisfy all his wishes.


Projection-type black headlamps are imposing and elegant, characterized by multilayered inner divisions. Since the low-beam irradiation distance is adjustable, the headlamps may adapt to different road conditions easily, adding to the design practicability. Also, individualized headlamp eyelid design.

Two concave lines, which extend from the grille to the engine cover and take on stronger visual impact. When the vehicle drives at high speed, they will divert the airflow onto both sides of the vehicle head, benefiting the control over the wind noise.

Grille design with family gene integrates the most popular “Piano Black” materials, and the shield-like intake grille echoes the lower grille in the form of an inverted trapezoid, bringing a classy, dynamic, and sports style.

Large-area black fog lamp zone plus projection-type circular front fog lamp provide the vehicles ahead with good warning effect if the visibility is poor in rainy and foggy days or at night. Upper LED daytime running lamp enhances the vehicle’s identification degree and lowers the accident probability.

Five-spoke aluminium alloy rim in bright surface design is more faddish and succinct, characterized by quick heat dissipation, lightweight, and high drive & ride comfort. In tandem with the outward wheel brow, the aluminium alloy rim brings more sports elements. 215/60R17 oversize tire, a sort of wide-tread tire with high flattening rate, provides sound adhesive force and ensures the driving safety and stability.

In addition to the streamlined contour, the sporty tail design has the function of flow disturbance, which helps effectively alleviate the air resistance’s influence when the vehicle runs at high speed.

Diamond-like and vertical combined tail lamps in “Dual-C” shape are succinct and classy in design so that the vehicle exudes a character of elegance in the firmness.


At the console in brand-new design, the horizontal line seems to span decently and smoothly from the instrument panel, A/C outlet, and multimedia switching panel to the door plate, leading to the natural formation of a well-designed interior landscape.

Light blue and self-luminous instrument panel bring you visual enjoyment full of high-tech elements. In the form of figures, scale bar, and letter, etc., it perfectly displays the information alarm function, so that you may keep abreast of the car conditions at any time.

Three-spoke steering wheel made of real leather is comfortable in touch, and the silver-grey trims add to the steering wheel’s tridimensional effect, fashion, and technical and dynamic elements.

The sunroof in one-button operation mode may be tipped up or fully opened, to keep fresh air circulated naturally, bringing you comfy riding experience.

Door trim handle of arrow shape is exquisite in design and brilliant in colour. It adapts to the degree of comfort for the armrest, and the buttons are easy to be operated.


1.6 DVVT lightweight and high-efficiency engine, which is developed based on ACTECO excellent platform, integrates dual independent VVT and realizes simultaneous adjustment to the intake and exhaust valves. Characterized by low speed/ large torque and high speed/high power, the engine has the maximum power of 93KW and maximum torque of 160N.m. With strong dynamics, the engine consumes fuel of down to 6.7L/100km in “MT” mode, making it the most competitive engine in the market.

CVT Transmission

The vehicle is equipped with high-efficiency and steady 7-speed CVT, and it’s smooth and fluent operating performance and excellent fuel economy bring you perfect and unhindered gear-shifting experience. Since the CVT coordinates perfectly with the engine, the vehicle will alleviate the brake wear and provide optimal driving performance when driving on a steep mountain road.


In the front-row driver’s cab, there are two airbags with trustworthy performance. If the collision takes place, airbags may distribute the impact force evenly onto the head and chest, to avoid direct collision between passengers and the vehicle body, and alleviate the injury to the driver and passengers.


The 9th-generation ESP is standard configuration, which monitors the vehicle running state automatically and in real-time. Once the vehicle falls into the state of hazard (like under-steering and over-steering) that might result in deviation from the designated driving route, ESP will instruct TCS, ABS, and EBD, etc. to intervene in the corresponding wheel to eliminate or alleviate the state of hazard, and maintain the body stability. Under its excellent performance, ESP ensures the safety of you and your families in driving.

The new Tiggo 3 comes in only one category locally assembled for ُُEGP 232,000.

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