Minister of Industry inaugurates “HATS EGYPT” exhibition for household appliances

Rasha Sorour
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Minister of Trade and Industry, Amr Nassar

The Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Amr Nassar, inaugurated yesterday the HATS Egypt exhibition for household appliances, electrical appliances, tableware, and kitchenware, organised by the Export Council for Engineering Industries.

Since the exhibition’s opening hours, the exhibit witnessed a substantial attendance and bilateral meetings between Egyptian exhibitors and foreign buyers, mostly from Arab and African countries.

Nassar said that the engineering industries sector is one of the most important industrial sectors in the national economy, where Egypt has great potential, qualifying it to compete in regional and global markets.

The minister pointed out the possibility of expanding the sector’s projects in the African continent, especially as there are huge investment and marketing opportunities.

Chairperson of the Export Council for Engineering Industries, Amr Abu Fraikha, said that exports from the engineering and electronics industries sector achieved a remarkable leap last year, recording about $2.287bn, and achieved $1.545bn within the first eight months of this year, accounting for 9% of Egypt’s total non-oil exports.

He pointed out that Egyptian exports of home appliances last year amounted to about $1bn, where they are exported to more than 120 countries around the world.

In an exclusive statement to Daily News Egypt, Nassar explained that the council made sure to select potential importers participating in the exhibition, specifically from Arab and African markets that import large quantities of tools and appliances, in order to contract them.

He listed the United Kingdom; the United Arab Emirates; Saudi Arabia; Morocco; Hungary; France; Iraq; Turkey; Germany, and Morocco as key importers of the Egyptian engineering sector

Undersecretary of the Export Council for Engineering Industries, Sherif Al-Sayad, said that the exhibition is the first of its kind in Egypt, targeting export opportunities to promote Egyptian products.

He explained that the council has brought a mission of overseas buyers, comprised of 57 companies, to introduce the local product.

Vice Chairperson of the Export Council for Engineering Industries, Mohamed Al-Ayadi, said that the exhibition focuses on bringing new customers from the Gulf, north Africa, and other African countries.

During Daily News Egypt’s tour of the exhibition, there was a good response from visitors.

Hossam Hussein, head of the marketing sector at Helwan Engineering Industries, said that the company aims to export home appliances next year to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and African countries from two factories: military 99 and 360.

Osama Awad, Chairperson of Hilco Metal for Tableware and Hotel Supplies, said that the company aims to export its products to the Gulf and European countries, especially in light of the decline in demand within the local market.

He pointed out that the volume of demand from hotels has fallen especially after the pound float and price hikes, which led hotels to ration their consumption, especially after the decline in tourism.

Hassan Elaraby, public relations manager at IGA International, said the company produces desert air conditioners and home appliances, and has exported its product once. However, the company aims to export to Libya and Sudan as well as to expand its sales in the local market.

General Manager of Abu Saif Home Appliances, Mohamed Medhat, said that the company exports about 40% of its annual production to east African countries.

“We are looking to expand our exports to Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa in the coming period,” he added.

Regarding foreign companies and buyers, Said Dakkaki, president of Techno Clim of Morocco, said that the company currently imports home appliances, electrical goods, and air conditioners from Egypt through Union air and the Egyptian Metal Forming Company.

He explained that the exhibition is an opportunity to expand imports from Egypt, especially from electric refrigerators, where they are currently negotiating to import from Electrostar during the exhibition.

For his part, Crispin Mrwetyana, an importer from Zambia, said that the company imported from Egypt medical supplies and is seeking household appliances and electrical appliances to import from Egypt.

He explained that the Egyptian product is of high quality and is well accepted in Zambia. The company has already contracted with Fresh to export for them and pay in Kwacha, the Zambian currency.

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